March 27, 2014
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02:04, Cryoburner> It's possible, but there are others in the field who I'm sure are already working on competing products.
02:07, Cryoburner> Sony recently announced plans for a comparable headset of their own, though it's possible that might only work with their console, seeing as how Sony loves proprietary things.
02:10, Cryoburner> Then there's established headset companies like Vuzix, who are likely developing a wide field of view device of their own.
02:12, Cryoburner whispers: Though their current model of consumer VR headset current costs double what the Rift has been expected to sell for.
02:18, Cryoburner> If other companies can create "Rift compatible" headsets, you're bound to still see competition and innovation from them.
02:21, Cryoburner> Existing VR companies are already operating in a niche market, so if they can create a device of comparable quality, a big increase in the popularity of VR could still be very good for them.
02:27, Raptorjedi> I would say the biggest source of anger (and totally justified) is that the Oculus Rift was a kickstarter project. People like Notch got it started, and then they sell out to the first person offering two billion dollars.
02:28, Raptorjedi> I believe Microsoft is working on their own VR headset as well, but like Sony it will probably only work for the Xbox
02:30, Cryoburner whispers: People funding Kickstarters should realize that most funding campaigns there are cons anyway, and not expect anything more. :P
02:31, Raptorjedi> It's still a slap in the face. A lot of Kickstarters work quite well, without shady things.
02:32, Raptorjedi> Cyan Worlds (creators of Myst) have a Kickstarter going. It's not just random people going "I could use some money, let me start a Kickstarter", it's mostly genuine people wanting to make a product and they need funding.
02:33, Cryoburner whispers: They're all shady, to varying degrees. "Oh hey, I need $100,000 to finish this game I've already nearly already completed at a budget of $20".
02:33, Cryoburner whispers: "Fund the campaign now, and get the game 2 WEEKS before it gets bundled for $5! :D"
02:33, Raptorjedi> For instance, Kickstarter is great for board games.
02:35, Cryoburner> Really though, I suspect Oculus may very well refund its Kickstarters, or even pay out extra to them.
02:35, Cryoburner> After all, they only got around $2.5 million from them, which is pocket change compared to what they have now.
02:36, Raptorjedi> I think the backlash is deserved, but from a business standpoint I can see (and even accept) Facebook buying them.
02:37, Raptorjedi> Someday Facebook won't be around. It will be replaced with something better.
02:37, Raptorjedi> So branching out in different directions is a way to extend the life of the company.
02:37, Cryoburner> They could easily pay everyone double what they funded, and get rid of most of the negativity at a relatively low cost to them.
02:39, Raptorjedi> My issue with it is Facebook doesn't do games. That's what Oculus Rift does. I guess I'm waiting for the horribleness to happen, if it doesn't, great.
02:40, Albeyamakiir> Your comment about finishing a thing for $100,000 when they've been spending so much less before, misses that it can cost a lot for things like manufacturing, postage, etc, that only appear near the end anyway.
02:41, Raptorjedi> But I'm kind of expecting crap like "Log in with Facebook to use your new Oculus Rift!" or "Enjoy your Facebook sponsored ad before connecting to the internet!"
02:42, Cryoburner whispers: The "100,000" was if reference to these games from small developers, which tend to be exclusively digitally distributed, usually with minimal costs.
02:42, Raptorjedi> Or the more likely option "Facebook reserves the right to sell your usage history of your Oculus Rift without your permission. This includes games played, time using the Rift and websites visited"
02:44, Albeyamakiir> My own cynicism gauge rose immediately upon hearing the news. I want to know what the future of the Oculus version of The Witness will be, knowing John Blow's views on FB. <_<
02:44, Cryoburner> Kickstarter can certainly be good for getting some physical products to market though.
02:45, Albeyamakiir> Never used it for videogames, except that DS game by Jason Roher, which was a physical cartridge.
02:45, Raptorjedi> Kickstarter also helps show an interested market.
02:45, Cryoburner> I actually thought Oculus was one of the more justifiable Kickstarter campaigns.
02:46, Cryoburner whispers: Before they sold out to one of the worst big tech companies that is. :P
02:46, Raptorjedi> If it was Google buying them, I think the internet would be singing a different tune :P
02:47, Cryoburner whispers: Google is one of the other bad big tech companies, but they have more control over what the Internet says about them. :P
02:49, Raptorjedi> Now you're just being a conspiracy theorist.
02:50, Cryoburner> Maybe Amazon should have bought them, and allowed users to pilot drone deliveries to people's houses. :P
02:50, Raptorjedi> My views of Google are generally positive, where as Facebook is generally negative.
02:51, Raptorjedi> Both have done good and bad things, but Facebook is just worse to me :P
02:52, Cryoburner whispers: Yes, Facebook has done good things, like... uh...
02:52, Raptorjedi> I'm sure there is some :P
02:53, Raptorjedi> Maybe...
02:53, Cryoburner> There has to be something, right? Hmm...
02:55, Raptorjedi> Okay, maybe there isn't anything.
02:55, Raptorjedi> The only reason I even USE Facebook is because I can't keep in touch with some people very well without it.
02:56, Cryoburner> Google actually has released some decent products and services, even if there overarching goal is to track everything people do online to better sell ads aimed at them.
02:56, Cryoburner whispers: I tried to think of something good facebook has done, and failed. :P
02:57, Raptorjedi> Okay, I'm going to bed. Good night Cryo and Albey.
02:57, Cryoburner whispers: If your friends weren't on Facebook, they would be on some other social network. :P
02:57, Cryoburner> Okay, later then.
15:46, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Livonor".
16:01, Kristos> Oh, did we just have a conference on product development and marketing in the chat frame? Looks like I missed it. :D