March 30, 2014
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02:07, Cryoburner> Albey, if you miss something, there's a button to jump back to the previous sentence.
02:18, Cryoburner> They adjust both the timing and positioning of each word to maximize recognition, so it ends up working pretty well.
02:19, Cryoburner> I'm not sure that it would be an ideal system for reading a novel, but for other things it appears to work well.
02:21, Raptorjedi> Even if it was, I would never use it for that.
02:21, Raptorjedi> The whole point of a book is to relax and enjoy it
02:22, Cryoburner> Yeah, unless perhaps someone needed to read it quickly for a school project or something. :P
02:24, Cryoburner whispers: "Oh no! My book report on War and Peace is due tomarrow and I haven't started reading it yet!"
02:24, Raptorjedi> Well then that person is just fucked.
02:24, Raptorjedi> No amount of speed reading will help
02:31, Cryoburner whispers: At 1000wpm one could get through it in around 10 hours. They might even have time to sleep.
02:32, Raptorjedi> No time to write the paper though
02:33, Cryoburner> They can just ramble about random parts of the book and throw something together in an hour. :D
02:33, Cryoburner whispers: Maybe.
02:39, Raptorjedi> In reality they would just plagiarize and hope they don't get caught
02:43, Cryoburner whispers: "Dear teacher, War and Peace was a very interesting book. You should read it some time. I especially liked the part with the war, but the part with the peace was also good. The End."
02:43, Cryoburner yells: REPORT COMPLETE!
02:45, Raptorjedi> If I were a teacher, I would give an A just for the amount of guts it takes to turn that horrible report in :P
02:47, Cryoburner whispers: Meanwhile, the 10 page essay from another student gets a C, for taking too much of RJ's time to read.
02:48, Raptorjedi> C-
02:49, Cryoburner whispers: It was probably plagiarized anyway. Best not to waste your time reading it.
02:50, Raptorjedi> They have things to check that now.
02:50, Raptorjedi> It's actually the worst.
02:51, Cryoburner> Yeah, but it would take too much effort to sumbit the paper to those services.
02:51, Raptorjedi> It compares the paper to all other papers the program has access to, and not the paper as a whole, individual parts of it.
02:51, Cryoburner> It's best just to score the papers via a random number generator.
02:52, Raptorjedi> So my english teacher is like "There's a 20% guideline, if Safeassign flags your paper over 20% you should look into making that lower"
02:53, Cryoburner whispers: What if Safeassign flags it at 100%, and it perfectly matches the teacher's paper from when they were in school?
02:53, Raptorjedi> And there's probably a ton of false positives. There's only so many ways you can write a sentence and have it make sense, someone has probably written that exact line before.
02:56, Raptorjedi> The thing that baffles me most about college is the concept of self plagiarism. I can understand turning in a paper from another class is bad, but you wrote it. You can't steal it from yourself.
02:56, Raptorjedi> The most you should get is an F on the paper.
02:58, Cryoburner whispers: Yes, giving a student a G is entirely excessive.
03:01, Raptorjedi> In the entire time I've been part of ABB, I don't think I've ever seen you once be serious in a conversation Cryo :P
03:01, Cryoburner is always serious.
03:23, Gligar whispers: It's actually possible to GET a G in some qualifications :P
18:08, Mary Lou> Hey manager, you have mail!
21:18, Kristos> I remember Cyroburner being serious once. It made my day.
23:58, Albeyamakiir> They used the plagiarism checker on my programming courses. Seems to work better on those, which is weird. You'd think people were *more* likely to accidentally code the same way as someone else.