April 03, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
02:39, Kristos> And the surface of every planet would be covered with memes, political fighting, selfies, and news articles. So tranquil.
12:57, Speeder> That is something new to me... Whoa
13:12, Neuzd> If I were you Speeder, I'd start putting some effort in writing/answering in frespych with generic sentences.
13:12, Speeder> ACtually, that was chrome attacking again
13:12, Speeder> But I am so awesome that my phrase was still appropriate
13:12, Speeder> Rather, it is more of a OSX fault (Chrome on windows stopped doing that)
13:13, Neuzd> Yes, but think if you do it always, it would be awesomely confusing every time you log in :D
13:15, Neuzd whispers: You could be the new Cryo!
13:40, Speeder> Nah, more like a new Mary Lou
13:41, Speeder> I am wondering why noone wrote a bot for this yet... the programmer/non-programmer ratio on this site is quite high enough for this to happen
18:05, Kristos> Speederbot - random quotes from Speeder that somehow are always relevant.
21:26, Speeder> Yay, and I manage to post at the same time as Gligar again
21:31, Logicalerror whispers: what if we made a chatbot that learned only from the backlog of this chatframe?
21:54, Speeder> Said too early, hello Chrome at windows bugging out too
22:10, Gligar explicitly waits