May 11, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
14:56, Cyb3rphr33k> hello :D
15:08, Neuzd> Hi, you're an old face I never met, I believe
15:09, Cyb3rphr33k> hi yes!! i remembered the game and logged in after quite a while...
15:10, Cyb3rphr33k> i just wanted to see if there is any dev going on only to get disappointed :(
15:12, Neuzd> The people that still get here probably do so because the quietness is so overwhelming it shuts off the outer world noise.
15:13, Cyb3rphr33k> true...
15:19, Cyb3rphr33k> i would like to ask you something if you can help me...
15:19, Cyb3rphr33k> i donwloaded the vnoctis and ran it but the mouse moves too quick. can i set it slower somehow?
15:23, Neuzd> I'm not sure...what OS are you on?
15:24, Cyb3rphr33k> i am on windows 7 running vnoctis through virtual box
15:25, Cyb3rphr33k> running a dos nivplus with virtualbox
15:26, Neuzd> I asked because for OSX there was probably some system preference that could have been set.
15:26, Neuzd> There's a thread where someone else had the same issue but no answers addressing that :|
15:27, Cyb3rphr33k> great...
15:28, Neuzd> I'd suggest you to check the VirtualBox profile and see if there's some mouse settings you can tweak from there
15:30, Cyb3rphr33k> oh well... maybe i should find a more modern game
15:31, Neuzd> Can't blame you, but Noctis is still unique, you know...
15:32, Cyb3rphr33k> i know :'(
15:32, Cyb3rphr33k> i've tried many games... none gives the same feeling and/or satisfaction
15:32, Cyb3rphr33k> damn you Alex!