May 15, 2014
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02:30, Cryoburner> Do they at least let you fly around the military jets? Like to parties and things? Because that sounds like it could be pretty useful.
02:31, Cryoburner whispers: They'll probably needs VTOL ones for that though. I hope they figured that into the budget.
07:25, Albeyamakiir whispers: Yep. That's paid for by taking money from the blind and homeless. And candy from babies.
08:29, Neuzd whispers: That's what the finest jet fighters are made of.
14:06, Speeder> Don't worry, there are countries that are even worse than Australia... Like ones that take stuff from the homeless to build stadiums.
14:06, Speeder> By the way, the homeless today are burning stuff in front of one of the stadiums...
14:07, Speeder>
14:19, Neuzd> We're going to buy some F35 as well. I preferred going off topic right from the start of the thread, because the F35 situation is ridiculous also over here.
14:20, Neuzd> And by ridiculous I mean too serious to be directly joked about.
14:23, Speeder> I pity any country that think that buying F35 from US is good idea :/
14:24, Speeder> (that includes Australia and Italy)
14:26, Neuzd> The only place on Earth I'd happily call home would be Antarctica.
14:28, Neuzd> But I've heard the penguin mob is becoming a major problem.
14:43, Speeder> By the way, are you of the same ethnicy of the country where you live?
14:53, Neuzd> You mean a bastard?
14:55, Speeder> I mean, I am from Brazil, but I am mostly portuguese descent, and my culture is not of the typical brazillian, I fell like a foreigner in the country I lived my whole life.
14:55, Speeder> Yet because of my mixed ethinicy and cultures, I have the feeling that I will feel foreigner everywhere I move.
14:55, Neuzd> :P I'm of the same ethnicity as the absolute majority of my country.
14:57, Neuzd> But if it's the feeling you talk about. Nope, I'm probably from a different galaxy altogether. I hate Italians with all my heart.
14:59, Speeder> But they don't hate you ;)
15:00, Speeder> On my parents city there are lots of black people, they hate me, thinking I am white. In places with lots of portuguese or italians, they hate me thinkign I am black or asian or native american
15:01, Speeder> The only place where noone hates me is places where everyone is a foreigner...
15:02, Speeder> (I am 1/2 portuguese, 1/8 italian, 1/8 spanish, 1/8 black, 1/8 native american... thus I look mostly european but I have "asian-ish" eyes and black people nose)
18:00, Mary Lou> Farewell to "Chaszrak", leaving on intention.
18:01, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Revelis".
18:05, Revelis whispers: My apologies... was that the wrong way to go about a name change?
18:09, Neuzd> I don't know, but I'm glad it wasn't another of those impulse resignation.
18:10, Neuzd> Or maybe you're just tricking us in believing you are Chaszrak, just because you signed in at the "right" time :P
18:12, Revelis> What? No! ... of course not... er, look! A habitable planet orbiting a runaway star!