May 19, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:06, Yourself> "Ruby Quest is a Quest game completed by a tripfag named Weaver."
00:06, Yourself> characters designs resemble vibs ones
00:12, Raptorjedi> That's because they're the same person.
00:26, Yourself> k
00:27, Yourself> the thread here was created 22 days before the one from the link
00:29, Yourself> it looks like that name was used in few places by then
01:13, Yourself> mary, who is alfred the great?
01:13, Mary Lou> "Watchlist".
01:18, Yourself> mary, what is the watchlist?
01:18, Mary Lou> That's all you might know.
01:19, Yourself> mary, who is asser?
01:19, Mary Lou> Asser was a Welsh monk from St David's, Dyfed, who became Bishop of Sherborne in the 890s.
01:26, Yourself> mary, who is Special:Watchlist?
01:26, Mary Lou> "Television special, television programming that temporarily replaces scheduled programming".
02:02, Cryoburner> Mary, what is a special television?
02:02, Mary Lou> There's nothing to explain.
02:04, Cryoburner whispers: That was a perfectly reasonable question. You don't do a very good job answering reasonable questions Mary.
02:45, Albeyamakiir whispers: That's because she knows nothing, but wants to give the impression of superior intelligence.
03:53, Yourself> Mary knows everything
03:53, Yourself> mary, what is ascii?
03:53, Mary Lou> That's all you might know.
03:53, Yourself> mary, who is ascii?
03:53, Mary Lou> Although these encodings are sometimes referred to as ASCII, true ASCII is defined strictly only by the ANSI standard.
03:55, Yourself> mary, who is noctis?
03:56, Mary Lou> Noctis is a computer space flight simulator featuring first-person visual exploration of an imaginary galaxy.
03:57, Yourself> mary, who is time?
03:57, Mary Lou> Spacetime, Motion? Space Event? Continuum Time travel?
03:59, Yourself> mary, what is continuum time travel?
03:59, Mary Lou> Ask wikipedia.
03:59, Yourself> no, you ask wikipedia
03:59, Mary Lou> What?
04:01, Yourself> how are you today, mary?
04:01, Mary Lou> I'm feeling well.
05:36, Cryoburner> Mary, who is a well?
05:36, Mary Lou> "Jacob's Well, of religious significance in the West Bank".
08:52, Albeyamakiir whispers: That Jailbreak forum thing Yourself linked was really awesome. Maybe I'll do one...
10:33, Albeyamakiir> Now, after starting, it occurs to me that I live on a different timezone to you all, so my ability to do more than one a day is limited... :/
10:34, Albeyamakiir> But it's there, in Forum Games.
11:55, Yourself> oh my
12:05, Yourself whispers: but... i was only looking for the exact time the idea behind comic on the site you thought of was conceived to try to guess who influenced whom
12:14, Yourself> but after raptorjedi said things it didn't look like a mystery to me anymore
13:13, Yourself feels sudden need to compile and play with sfmt
22:26, Mary Lou> Farewell to "Dafydd", leaving on intention.
23:18, Albeyamakiir> I know. But I hadn't seen it in forum format. (Curse me not having my tablet here at work. Wait until I get home for the next panel.)
23:19, Albeyamakiir> Wait, Raptorjedi posted a thing that was probably false (although he didn't specify who was the same person. He could either mean Cryo and Andrew, Vib and Andrew, or Vib and Cryo.).