May 21, 2014
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02:18, Chad> Boom, Shaka, Laka, Boom.
03:25, Albeyamakiir> I need a new pen, at least. This one is so bad!
05:01, Mary Lou> I never apologize, so I fail to understand the meaning of this concept.
13:35, Serpens> Sorry, I forgot to reply to that thread
13:36, Serpens> Basically, I know the alphabet and I understand most sentences, as long as the vocabulary doesn't differ from Polish too much
13:37, Serpens> But I don't think I could get the accent right, especially with my speech impediment
14:43, Neuzd> What about looking for videos on youtube? I'm more oriented to that kind of stuff rather than having it done especially for me.
14:44, Neuzd> Even some old time accents would be great. I'd just need someone with a vague knowledge of the language, I believe.
14:45, Neuzd> I mean to perform some searches for me. The difference in language is too much of a barrier for me.
16:19, Serpens> What sort of videos, exactly?
16:20, Serpens> Ghost stories?
16:23, Neuzd> Yes. More Ghost legends actually. Or any way, I don't mean scary stories around the fire.
16:25, Neuzd> I intend stories or legends that should feel legit, read from a book or old news bullettins.
16:26, Neuzd> It goes this way, maybe I'll add everything to the thread too.
16:27, Serpens> All right, I'll see if I can find anything
16:28, Neuzd> The need is for a show that I'll be doing with a band of friends. The show is in an ex-cemetery.
16:29, Neuzd> In this ex-cemetery was buried a Russian princess whose ghost has been seen around the place in various occasions.
16:29, Neuzd> I'll provide the names and dates. She was the wide of a Russian ambassador who worked in Turin at the end of the 18th century.
16:31, Neuzd> My friends suggested to have vocal samples under the carpet of sounds and I thought it was fitting to have it being russian ghost stuff.
16:52, Serpens> Perhaps something from this video - a documentary about a blood poltergeist event
17:39, Neuzd> I watched a few minutes. Some parts without the background music sound like I could use them.
19:15, Serpens> If not, then maybe something from here:
19:16, Serpens> I was trying to find something about particular old ghosts, like Paul I Petrovich, Ivan the Terrible or Franz Lefort, but couldn't
19:20, Serpens> If you find an interesting voice sample in any of those videos, let me know (maybe by PM) which part it is exactly, and I'll (roughly) tell you what it is about
23:06, Albeyamakiir> God damnit, Neuzd. XP
23:07, Albeyamakiir> That command in the adventure thread. I'll see what I can do.
23:12, Neuzd> Isn't the game supposed to spark creativity? You were just asking for it. :P
23:14, Albeyamakiir> I knoooooow! D: It's ok. I got this. :P
23:14, Raptorjedi> haha
23:14, Albeyamakiir> But I have to wait until lunch before I can get away with making comics at work. <_<
23:15, Raptorjedi> Depending on how this turns out, I have an idea for a command
23:16, Neuzd> >Summon Alex
23:17, Albeyamakiir> Believe me, predicting how it will go is a totally useless endeavour. I didn't even consider the possibility that anyone would want to interact with the background, but first command. There we go. :P
23:18, Neuzd whispers: You should have drawn the void more voidy.
23:19, Raptorjedi> Your problem was starting us out as an all powerful being
23:20, Neuzd> Yeah, being a god or god like being is too simple. We like it mundane!
23:21, Raptorjedi> Well, no. I think it's more that the first thing we do is see how far we can push our powers in the silly direction :P
23:21, Neuzd whispers: SHHHH! Don't give it out like that!
23:21, Raptorjedi> So we took the Void and wore it as a cape
23:22, Neuzd> See you tomorrow, it's really time to go to sleep for me.
23:25, Albeyamakiir> I'm ok with this sillyness, really. It's brain exercise. But maybe Neuzd is right. Perhaps I should have given you simpler stuff to play with, and used that to subvert expectations. Maybe I can introduce something...
23:26, Raptorjedi> Introducing something is a good way to impose limits.
23:28, Raptorjedi> Have you seen the ones Vib has done?
23:28, Albeyamakiir> Originally, I was expecting someone to create something, and then I'd draw it badly and say like "Your imagination seems to be a pretty hefty limit, really". But that's a dumb joke that almost immediately halts the story. I'm glad my expectations were subverted.
23:28, Albeyamakiir> No, I haven't.
23:28, Raptorjedi> If not, look up Ruby Quest when you ahve the time.
23:29, Raptorjedi meant: have
23:30, Albeyamakiir> Oh wow. A TvTropes page. O_o
23:30, Raptorjedi> Yes
23:31, Raptorjedi> It's a really good example of one of these having a set direction from the start while still being malleable and slightly out of the creators control.
23:34, Albeyamakiir> I didn't realise it was such a big thing. Though I guess with the popularity of MSPA it shouldn't be a surprise.
23:34, Albeyamakiir> I mean making stories this way.
23:41, Raptorjedi> It's a bit popular. I think Vib helped make it that way. RubyQuest is really big in certain circles.
23:43, Raptorjedi> I even enjoy a slight bit of internet fame. His popular World Eater story is an adaptation of a role playing game I was a part of, that he was the DM for.
23:47, Albeyamakiir> Wow. This is the hangout of the not-that-rich and semi-famous, then? :P
23:48, Albeyamakiir> Obviously I have to lift my game.
23:50, Raptorjedi> haha, no one actually knows I was a part of it. I like to say I'm just tangentially famous.
23:52, Albeyamakiir> I feel like putting in an hour's per panel for my comic here would kinda prevent me from making any headway in surging internet popularity, anyway. :P
23:53, Albeyamakiir> I had three other comics to make when I got home after work. I only had time to do the one for here, though.
23:54, Raptorjedi> Where else are you making comics?
23:54, Albeyamakiir> For my tumblr. But I've made only one so far.
23:55, Albeyamakiir> used to draw comics in highschool, but they never made it onto the internet. I'm just getting back into it.
23:55, Raptorjedi> You're pretty good at it
23:55, Albeyamakiir> Thanks. :)
23:56, Raptorjedi> I'd like to see how you do with a bit more realism though
23:56, Albeyamakiir> I created the style after seeing someone draw a picture by inking in big black shapes, then "carving" it out into an outline by using white-out.
23:58, Albeyamakiir> Realism takes me a lot longer. Like, my avatar was from a piece that took me days to make. I used Flash for that, though. Placing curved lines over a drawing I made on paper.
23:58, Albeyamakiir> I do hope to get my tablet skills to a point where it's more realistic, though. Just stylised.
23:59, Raptorjedi> Keep at it.