May 22, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:00, Raptorjedi> Everything Vib does is with Flash, or was
00:01, Albeyamakiir> I've seen how people use the paint tools with flash. Makes me feel weird, for some reason. Painting vectors. O_o
00:01, Albeyamakiir> I use a paint tool called SAI right now.
00:02, Raptorjedi> I wish I had the artistic skills to do things like that :P
00:03, Albeyamakiir> Me too. :P (By which I mean no one does until you do stuff. Oh god, my early stuff is awful.)
00:05, Albeyamakiir> Just don't care about the results.
02:28, Cryoburner> I recently tried SAI. It's pretty nice, but I haven't done much with it.
02:30, Cryoburner> You can create vector layers in SAI too, that let you readjust and manipulate the lines after drawing them with your tablet.
04:18, Albeyamakiir> I should probably read the help file sometime. I might learn these things.
12:34, Albeyamakiir> That took WAY too long.