June 06, 2014
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11:20, Logicalerror> The source is at the very bottom of the Home tab.
14:35, Albeyamakiir> I am curious, yet fully aware of Alex's messy coding style. Perhaps I dare not delve in.
14:39, Albeyamakiir> Huh, it's not that bad, really. There's just a lot of it.
14:46, Neuzd> Messy coding style? How did that notion get into your mind?
14:49, Albeyamakiir> ... Not sure if sarcastic or real question. Like, people referring to the Crystal Pixels or Noctis code. If I recall correctly? The phrase "gargantuan mass of hacks"? Damn, now I'm worried that I'm thinking of something else. D:
14:51, Neuzd> (it was not sarcastic) Those sentences refer to the ways he finds to make an old compiler/processor do things it wasn't supposed to be doing that easily....or something like that.
14:52, Albeyamakiir> Oh... Huh.
14:52, Neuzd> Basically the fact that he does magic. But the source code itself is awesomely clean and comented and precise.
14:52, Albeyamakiir> Yeah, that's what I'm seeing. I haven't looked at his code myself before.
14:53, Albeyamakiir> Consider me corrected.
14:54, Neuzd> To put it in a practical way, I successfully modified Noctis' code without even knowing C or Assembly. But I knew what I was doing because of the code itself.
14:55, Neuzd whispers: Not that I even ever put a single character in the assembly parts. of course!!!!!
14:56, Albeyamakiir> Yeah, that sounds really nice. Still, this is really big, so probably not something for me to mess with, really. I've barely ever done any web stuff.
14:56, Albeyamakiir> Wow, I use the word "really" way too much.
14:57, Neuzd> Really? ...sorry :P Anyway, when they said it was probably overkill to use postline for that, I believe it's an understatement.
14:58, Albeyamakiir> Oh, yeah. At this point, I'm just looking at it. No intention of use!