July 02, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
14:16, E_net4> Hmm...
14:25, Neuzd> Yo, caught the Alex virus? :P
14:32, Logicalerror> How does noctis work with freeDOS? I heard that's what the bootdisk runs off and was considering putting it on my old desktop.
14:35, E_net4> Me? No way, I'm still active. Just not on AnyNowhere.
14:35, Neuzd> I think ok. I used the VirtualNoctis disk on OSX and I'm pretty sure it ran on freeDOS.
14:35, E_net4> As for the freeDOS thing, I honestly don't know. There was a time I played with that...
14:36, E_net4> But yeah, it worked last time I tried. Some years ago.
14:37, E_net4> I came back here just wondering how things were.
14:37, E_net4> Also, I might transfer the cryxtels port to GitHub some day.
14:37, Neuzd> Quiet, as usual :D
14:37, E_net4> Indeed.
16:34, Cryoburner yells: TO THE EXTREME!