August 27, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
15:15, Neuzd> Soundcloud has a lot of the social-network aspects and it's very bad because of this. Nevertheless I'm going to use it as a "buffer" until I'm sure what I'm going to do with these sounds.
15:17, Neuzd> I'll write a post eventually, but for now, enjoy this one gloomy track:
17:52, Kristos> So you want an antisocial music sharing service? :P What sort of service are you looking for?
18:39, Neuzd> Strange of you to ask since you're the only one I'm sure has visited Venus Martian on Bandcamp. "That" is the most awesome site on the entire web.
19:40, Kristos> Interesting. How do you know that /I/ visited it? (Bandcamp is indeed wonderful.)
19:53, Neuzd> Because you wrote a post about that? :|
20:11, Kristos> I totally forgot about that. :D I thought you were referring to me visiting the Bandcamp page today.