September 10, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:42, Blackle> lol, it was only now that it occurred to me that I should post it here
01:42, Blackle> the largest concentration of noctis fans on the internet
10:43, Neuzd> Yes, all 4 of them!
13:29, Blackle> lol
13:34, Neuzd> You make some pretty noisy stuff. I'm liking it. Also the chiptune-ish demos are nice.
13:43, Blackle> :D thank you
13:44, Blackle> I'm planning to listen to your stuff too, what I've heard so far sounds good c:
13:47, Neuzd> You can check out Venus Martian too. It's linked in my profile. That's a sci-fi/horror drone ambient project. Heavy sample processing as opposed to the live electronics you heard at soundcloud.