November 26, 2014
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02:14, Cryoburner whispers: I'm not sure about this...
15:13, Neuzd whispers: The CGI looks more fake than the first one. It deserves to bomb so badly.
16:01, Speeder> Neuzd the first one used CGI only for the dinosaurs, everything else was practical fx... I would not be surprised if 90% of this movie was filmed in front of a green screen
16:54, Cryoburner> The first film's CGI wasn't necessarily 'better' from a technical standpoint, but they used it in smarter ways.
16:57, Cryoburner> Putting a T-Rex in a dimly lit rainstorm can help hide any rough edges, while having a Mosasaur jump out of water in direct sunlight can look bad even today.
17:05, Cryoburner whispers: Even the dead shark didn't look particularly realistic. Even this film probably had more realistic-looking sharks. :3
18:15, Raptorjedi> I think it looks great
18:16, Raptorjedi> Also the director has confirmed that like with previous Jurassic Park movies, it will be using animatronics
18:18, Raptorjedi> So there will be practical effects: d-raptor/
19:04, Neuzd> That's why I used the wording "looks more fake". I agree with Speeder in the impression that this has an 'Episode I' feeling.
19:05, Neuzd> For anything else, I didn't read what's on that link, but after the trailer I doubt of any single word the director will say while trying to make the film worth a split second of consideration.
19:49, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Peek".
22:31, Cryoburner> There shouldn't be nearly as much CGI as Episode I. It takes place in our world, so most outdoor scenes can be filmed in actual outdoor locations.
22:38, Cryoburner> The park itself doesn't feel particularly realistic though. Some of the attractions would just be completely unsafe.
22:40, Cryoburner whispers: Why would they let visitors canoe down a river lined with Brachiosaurs? What happens when they wade into the water and drown everyone?
22:40, Neuzd whispers: That everybody drowns, maybe?
22:43, Cryoburner whispers: The same goes for letting two kids ride unsupervised in a hamster ball precariously rolling along a track.
22:46, Cryoburner whispers: Or having the monorail pass over the Mosasaur that is trained to jump out of the water for food. >_>
22:47, Cryoburner whispers: The place is a death-trap. Which you think wouldn't be the case after what happened with the original park.