December 18, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
15:00, Neuzd> I put myself to the task and thanks to the detailed cataloging work of Skinnymon, I reduced the number of systems without parsis to 13.
17:48, Neuzd whispers: I know I'm bringing it to far, but it's only 7 now, and at least one is surely at reach if I fiddle enough with Triceratops.
19:02, Different55> /help
19:02, Different55> whateven
19:03, Different55> okay I'm just going to go hang my head in shame
19:03, Different55> be back later
19:03, Different55> maybe
19:08, Neuzd> You can use ! to shout, # to whisper, /me (or a shortcut I don't remember) to emote. That's all I think.
19:16, Different55> Thanks, Neuzd
19:29, Neuzd> Oh, and Mary Lou to interact with her and fall in a world of dread, isn't that right Mary?
19:29, Mary Lou> I'm the machine.
19:29, Mary Lou> You're welcome.