December 25, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
15:16, Different55> wait what happened to the stereotype of java being a mess?
15:22, Kristos> Merry Christmas, guys.
15:47, Neuzd> I think it's because current java runtime environments can natively make the most out of the systems they're running on, all by themselves. 64bit architecture and multicore CPUs for example.
15:49, Neuzd> While to do that on the C version of Triceratops you probably need to implement those things in the code, and have a more modern compiler as well.
15:51, Neuzd whispers: But I don't know anything about C, I can only follow directions and can successfully modify C sourcecode thanks only to common "generic programmer" skills.
15:58, Different55> Merry Christmas, AnyNowhere!
15:58, Different55> That makes sense. Thanks, Neuzd.