May 21, 2018
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:57, Oberothton> Hey folks, I'm continuing to blog about my discoveries in NIV+! Here's my latest log, about my extensive exploration of a particularly interesting cluster of systems: opol-cluster-838c1fd47544
02:51, Cryoburner> It was a fun read! :D
03:04, Oberothton> kudos to those who recognize the discordian references :) i saw someone with a Sacred Chao avi in here once so i assumed some would get it
09:46, Neuzd> Don't get too excited about this as I don't want to get into a project with potentially too many problems.
09:47, Neuzd> This is in a brrowser:
13:20, Oberothton> huh, interesting
13:20, Oberothton> whatever happened to those experiments with Noctis browser versions btw?