May 28, 2018
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:07, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Kitsky".
01:12, Kitsky> We should totally promote it to people, it would be a shame to let all of this work forgoten, and who know, maybe we'll come across an experienced developper who could complete the work that is Noctis?
01:19, Kitsky> wow, there's 36 peoples online
05:28, Ottonine> 36 people online and I missed it. Damn
05:28, Ottonine> Also, your chat log was so long, i couldn't read the other half of it Xd
08:54, Neuzd> Noctis is high level wizardry. That's why few have attempted their hands at it.
08:55, Neuzd> And working on the code is also risky as expanding and changing things will change the nature of the galaxy itself and that did already alienate users, in the past.
08:56, Neuzd> Also, Ottonine the arrows at the left and right borders of the chat let you scroll adn read the rest of long messages.
08:59, Ottonine> oh yea, it does. actually, it runs way past the comment until theres nothing there. XD
09:02, Ottonine> Maybe, because I'm on mobile. :-/
09:05, Neuzd> No, it's like this on every platform. And this site isn't optimized for mobile.
09:17, Ottonine> I'm using a tablet, so it looks okay.
09:59, Ottonine> Hey, can I ask, how do you obtain a title? also what is Photograph Control?
10:03, Neuzd> THe title should be an editable field in your profile. If you don't see it, it might be that it becomes accessible after a certain numebr of posts...
10:04, Neuzd> I don't know what Photograph Controls is either. Can you provide a context?
10:08, Ottonine> its in my profile, just below avatar control.
10:12, Neuzd> Oh yes. It's a photo in the profile page, the page that other memebrs can see.
10:12, Neuzd> For instance here you can see my avatar and my photo:
10:14, Ottonine> The photo of a cat?
10:14, Ottonine> Oh, cool.
10:16, Neuzd> It's a selfie of my in-game character.