June 03, 2018
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
19:18, Megagun whispers: https://github.com/jorisvddonk/Drifter
19:51, Neuzd> I'm not understanding exactly how it works. Does the search-star input field do something?
19:53, Megagun> It should
19:53, Megagun> But it's somewhat optimized for VR. :P
19:54, Megagun> The input field selects the star in the 3d world.
19:54, Megagun> if you typed it exactly correct.
19:55, Neuzd> The surface button brought me what looked like a quartz world. Not as bright but it had the characteristc pillars. Very nice work, I'd say.
19:56, Neuzd> Nope, it's not doing it here on Safari.
20:01, Megagun> Yeah, I only tested on Chrome and FF (latest versions of both)
20:02, Megagun> You're probably missing DataView or ArrayBuffer APIs there.
20:06, Megagun> Ah, yeah. Seems like it's a bit glitchy and not very usable outside of VR. :P
20:06, Megagun> Everything is tiny!
20:08, Megagun> I think the update I'm about to push might make things a little bit better.
20:08, Neuzd> Meow!
20:10, Megagun> It takes a while for my server to build the Docker container, unfortunately....
20:10, Mary Lou> Hello, if that was to me.
20:12, Neuzd> No it wasn't Mary, but hello anyway. I will see it later Mega, I think I want to go for a walk and maybe get an ice cream.
20:12, Mary Lou> Not that I mind that anyway, hi.
20:14, Megagun> Aight! I'm heading off in a sec, as well. Feel free to steal my code for this. I've made things such that it parses the Starmap2 and Guide bin files directly in JavaScript, without having to load a JSON representation of these files.
20:14, Neuzd> Have you seen my reminder about the Y axis?
20:15, Megagun> Yep :)
20:16, Megagun> Okay, something's not working. Seems like it doesn't render any text after I've compiled it. I'll have to look into that later.
20:17, Megagun> It works fine locally in dev mode, just not after it's been compiled and hosted. :(
20:17, Megagun> Unfortunate. I just made it so that it displays star info and GUIDE info on the wall of the SD, but of course that doesn't work if the text rendering isn't working at all.
20:19, Megagun> This is what it's supposed to look like outside of VR: https://imgur.com/a/XpQZ2Pi
20:52, Neuzd> The video is nice! If there was something that makes me stop complaining about of virtual reality it would be Noctis V(R)