March 12, 2019
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
05:43, Alex> ...question which is gone, due to yesterday's malfunction. I'm here to try and inspect what happened, but lost messages seem to be lost for good.
05:44, Alex> I'll post about this, make a backup and try to repair "visual" damage by deleting traces of messages that weren't properly saved in the database.
06:59, Alex> hi L4
06:59, Lightning4> hello
06:59, Alex> this place's falling to pieces and I have no idea why :/
06:59, Lightning4> :(
07:00, Alex> it's... puzzling, when I came here the VPS maintenance log thread was there, now it's... gone?
07:01, Alex> I've rebooted the server but it didn't help, I thought yesterday had been a transient problem but it looks more serious
07:01, Mary Lou> Glad to hear you agree and "there, a deictic adverb in English".
07:02, Lightning4> weird stuff... hope everything will be okay
07:03, Alex> hardly, if I don't understand what's going on
07:07, Lightning4> well... good luck
07:08, Alex> I did a test post in another thread and went through
07:09, Alex> it's currently missing a block of threads, namely the one holding threads with ID between 4500 and 4799, but when I came here it was there!
07:13, Alex> pretty absurd
07:14, Alex> I'll try to restore the backup, I guess
07:16, Alex> let's pray it goes well, meh, I'm really not sure what's happened yesterday
07:16, Alex> if it can't restore the backup then I guess we're fried for good :/
07:18, Alex> ok, I have the command ready, hitting enter and let's hope for the best
07:19, Alex> test
07:20, Alex> um, the chat rolled back, that's normal, are we still alive?
07:20, Alex> the VPS maintenance log thread is now back in place, hmm...
07:21, Alex> now let's post there for a try...
07:22, Alex> last time, after I did this, that whole block of threads... disappeared?
07:28, Alex> well umm, I guess that fixed it, but I have no idea why, or what happened before.
07:29, Alex> apart from the most recent 87 messages, however, I have a working back-up, so I guess the data is safe here now.
07:29, Alex> but still, we'll have to watch out for additional malfunctions. I'll try to patch stuff visually to delete missing pages from threads and all.
07:37, Alex> left a test post in the Paranoia IC thread - apologies, just wishing to see if it'd get through, and it did, after patching the thread's list to remove missing entries.
07:38, Alex> it SEEMS to work just fine, now, but... I'd still be pretty concerned because everything still qualifies as a complete mystery.
07:39, Alex> it was no attack, that I'm sure of, we weren't "compromised" at all, it was a malfunction, but of unknown kind and totally unexpected consequences.
07:39, Alex> something like a SQL database manager crash/tilt
07:39, Alex> see you soon, I'll be monitoring this place :)
12:57, Gligar whispers: formatting data dump... please wait...
14:36, Gligar whispers: and posted.
14:44, Lightning4> I've noticed that my 'unread only' recent post page has a bugged post that hasn't yet gone away
14:44, Lightning4> it's a post from 'euzd' that is supposedly to the paranoia game but takes me to a blank 'Confusion about Felysian Time' thread\
14:47, Gligar> I see that as well.
17:50, Neuzd> It's my evil twin. I always knew he would come back eventually.