March 13, 2019
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
05:08, Alex> Gligar: LOL, I think the same: burn SQL, burn! ^^
05:09, Alex> You know what? I have a whole new infrastructure that does without SQL, but it has no front-end content management, i.e. no forum software, so far.
05:10, Alex> Which makes me think it could be an idea to pass some time developing a new "Postline" successor for THAT infrastructure.
05:11, Alex whispers: also, impressive how you kept track of the Paranoia game and could re-post missing stuff to some extent. Great committment there. :)
06:17, Alex> ok, that might have cleared traces of lost messages from the "recent posts" list...
18:24, Speeder> So... WHAT HAPPENED?? CAN I PANIC YET???
21:01, Gligar> The forum received an accidental brainscrub due to some sort of MySQL glitch.