January 12, 2020
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
13:11, Deanfrz> it's been a long time
13:12, Deanfrz> Mary Lou, how are you?
13:12, Mary Lou> I'm feeling lonely.
13:14, Deanfrz> Mary Lou, I'm sorry to hear that
13:23, Deanfrz> lol, I just found I saved a picture here I thought I lost a long time ago
13:23, Deanfrz> http://anynowhere.com/bb/cd/jpgs/Lj5e7hHhEIdhdr7iRLWeXHx5.jpg
13:24, Deanfrz> it's the first night launch of an american space shuttle after the Columbia disaster
13:25, Deanfrz> thanks, Alexa
13:25, Deanfrz> whoops, I meant Alexa
13:26, Deanfrz> i'll just shut up now