April 10, 2021
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
07:17, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Kynreeve".
07:32, Kynreeve> good memories brought me here
07:40, Kynreeve> You may not remember me, but -- Cryoburner, Speeder, Neuzd, Stargazer, Albeyamakiir, Starchaser, Raptorjedi, Megagun, Skinnymon, Magnulus, Barebones, Kristos, Torisek and of course Alexa -- highfives to you guys. Hope you're doing well.
07:41, Kynreeve> and also Mary Lou, the ever vigilant cyber cat
08:03, Kynreeve> Was searching for Alexa's wings project, The Ardent. There's only one mention of it, on GOG
08:03, Kynreeve> Why does it keep misspelling Alexa
08:04, Kynreeve> Anyway. Funny how the web forgets, even though it's been what, 5-6 years?
08:25, Kynreeve whispers: Now I wonder if he dropped it *before* reaching the testing stage