May 28, 2021
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
16:00, Stargazer> Hmm... Reading my old posts are a bit of a trip. Fortunately not entirely as crazy as I seem to recall being, yet I still have some troubles associating with who I used to be. (hi, by the way!)
16:02, Stargazer> Sooo glad to see this place is still around. Well, I have been checking in from time to time, if not logged in. :-)
16:04, Stargazer> Anyway, hope everyone are still doing well, even in these crazy times. Much has changed for me, personally, even as certain other things remain the same.
16:06, Stargazer> I suppose I should also apologise for my past... obsessiveness, as it were. Especially towards Alexa - I really hope he didn't feel any pressure from my end.
16:06, Stargazer meant: Alexa, for sure, not Alex (erghhh)
16:07, Stargazer> Err, Alexa. :-P
16:07, Stargazer> What the....??
16:07, Stargazer> Has someone ben catting around with the autocorrect on this site? :-P
16:08, Stargazer> Well, anyways, you know who. :-)
16:29, Stargazer eyes googlebot with suspicion. Ha! Good luck tracking me through Tor+Proton relays.
17:27, Stargazer> Good. Nothing too inconspicious in my C-disk files, that I can see.. Nothing that can lead back to my real identity, at least. I might well have been crazy back in the day (and still), but I wasn't careless.
17:36, Stargazer meant: or conspcious, even. For that sake
17:37, Stargazer> Anyway, I'll stop flooding the chatframe. I'll be back, hopefully sooner than another four and a half years. :-)