August 14, 2021
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19:28, Alex> Hmm... been here, done that. Yep, I'm thinking of migrating this thing to a better place, though "better" is in the mouse of the visitor.
19:30, Alex> I'm sick of this modern frameset and tableful design, and this web 0.9, you see, let's go back to green screen terminals. ^^
19:31, Alex> No really, you possibly won't, but I love it. Can't help... sorry in advance.
21:46, Gligar whispers: Can I at least get an archive of the PAranoia game before you pull the plug?
21:47, Gligar whispers: I mean, I'm archiving it myself of course, but it's sort of a mess... I'd need a way of grabbing formatting or something...
21:52, Alex> uh... sure, sure, guess you mean by retrieving the database as Postline keeps it? That'd be easy.
21:53, Alex> however, pulling the plug isn't really something happening soon, I'll keep this on for months yet to come.
21:54, Alex whispers: darn, I forgot to whisper along...
21:59, Gligar whispers: A database dump would be fine.
21:59, Gligar whispers: But we can sort that out nearer the time.
21:59, Alex whispers: to me as well, 'cos it's automated. :)
22:01, Gligar whispers: Anyway, it's turn time.
22:03, Alex whispers: I'm absolutely surprised someone's still active here, but in a pleasant way of course.
22:14, Gligar whispers: And there's the turn :)
22:21, Alex whispers: I don't even compute how many years have passed and Cryo's still here doing pranks via word filters... not sure if amazed, or disquieted.
22:29, Kristos> Haha, this website is such a huge part of my past.
22:29, Kristos> I still drop by at least once a year XD
22:30, Alex> That'd be still twice as much as I did. :(
22:33, Kristos> Life is funny.
22:34, Alex> It has its fun moments...
22:34, Kristos> Nowadays I'm chilling about with chronic illness and sometimes doing game jam stuff.
22:35, Alex> Yesterday I've been laughing like an idiot on this video:
22:36, Kristos> ahaha!
22:37, Alex> Here, I'm not catching a simple cold since over two years. Thanks face masks, I guess. And the flu season just didn't exist. I guess there's only Zool... erm... Covid around.
22:38, Kristos> I've certainly been catching things, without even leaving my house.
22:39, Kristos> I guess by proxy of my parents.
22:39, Alex> Yeah, mines don't get around much either, that might be the key difference.
22:43, Alex> I'll admit it, honestly... the pandemic isn't affecting my way of life, it just can't... I was a loner from long before. It's all the same. Been lucky there, though by a weird kind of luck.
22:45, Neuzd> Hey there
22:46, Alex> Yay! You're still here too? :)
22:46, Kristos> A number of us are also lurking in a mostly inactive Discord server. :P
22:47, Kristos> The biggest effect the pandemic is having on me is having to hear my parents whine about regulations all the time.
22:47, Alex> Yeh I had noticed that thread, but couldn't tell how "fresh" it could be. Glad to hear that.
22:49, Alex> I don't have that problem, either. Mines take it quite seriously, but I know a certain barkeeper who's constantly yelling at the government, Big Pharma and stuff like that.
22:52, Neuzd> I have especially one friend which is very after conspiration theories and not trusting anything but the most sketchy and vague sources.
22:54, Neuzd> And even if I haven't met her n a couple years and even before that we were seeing each other once a year, she is still my latest romantic interest and well, being alone has its toll.
22:55, Neuzd> She refuses even virtual hugs, and it saddens me quiote a bit.
22:56, Alex> My barkeeper's a she too. Even a pretty cute one, but unfortunately already in a relationship and with a young daughter.
22:58, Alex> Not my kind of woman anyway... too demanding.
22:58, Alex whispers: my kind of woman doesn't seem to exist at all, anyway...
22:58, Neuzd> I meant that I had a stiry with her. If current romantic interests are concerned, she's in her late 20s, which mean about 20 years younger than me, and I really don't know if I should consider anything at all.
22:59, Alex> I never had that sort of problem, I just wait for them to come here and they never do.
23:00, Neuzd> Anyway, I moved a couple years ago. I fled from Turin and went in the countryside, in oltretpò pavese.
23:01, Neuzd> So. Frigging. Quiet.
23:01, Alex> Me, still here, near the hills west of Pisa. There's music outside, every summer, this one is no different.
23:02, Neuzd> I feel reborn. And then covid happened and left me even more isolated and in silence. If it wasn't for the scorpions and mantis, this is heaven.
23:02, Alex> w-wait... you mean... you appreciate solitude?
23:02, Neuzd> I'm a hermit.
23:03, Alex> Right. It's just that, given you had that stir with that girl, I figured you couldn't be that much a loner...
23:04, Alex> ...which means I'm not doing the hermit properly, evidently. ^^
23:05, Neuzd> Depending of the angle you watch me, I can look very complicated or extremely simple in needs.
23:05, Kristos> in my case i left the dominant religion which left me isolated, ha
23:07, Alex> I left religion when I was 9, which prevented isolation. :)
23:09, Alex> I was also sleepy a couple hours ago, but it's ben a pretty hot day, it left me a little insomniac.
23:12, Neuzd> Got AC going all day. It's been a very nice summer temperature wise. I'll allow if these days it gets a little hotter.
23:12, Kristos> We've had a warmer winter and cooler summer than usual.
23:13, Alex> Me too. Running in "de-humidify" mode or however it's called...
23:13, Neuzd> Nah, winter here was killer and ultra long.
23:14, Alex> Regularly mild winter here. And the rest of the year too. It's just this recent hot wave that's... a bit uncomfortable.
23:16, Neuzd> When warmer temperatures arrived it was nice, admittedly. From May up to last week it's been a reasonable spring first, and then a cool summer.
23:16, Neuzd> But from late september 2020 to full April 2021, damn freezing chill.
23:17, Alex> I also handle warm seasons better than cold ones.
23:17, Alex> ...prolly because my BMI is below 18.
23:18, Neuzd> It was objectively a cold winter here. But the apartment I live is a modernized part of a (town)farm, and I have nothing around, so it's just the cold and the cold.
23:19, Alex> But I recently learned to appreciate mountain asparagus, so I started to find something positive near the end of winters, at last.
23:19, Alex> eh, no wonder it's so quiet... must be a pretty nice place!
23:21, Neuzd> This part of the padan plains, the bassa padana, is quite shitty, but I'm right on the feet of a hill, and so ifg I look to this other side, it's all really pretty : D
23:24, Alex> I'll agree my own place isn't bad either, technically. Personally, I can't say I care much. But that applies to mostly everything... I can't manage to be enthusiastic about anything.
23:25, Alex> Been like that through the last two years, since... erm... I'm sorry to mention, since Ares died. He was the last of Mary's kitties still with me.
23:27, Alex> Still got plenty of company though: from Rita came Astra, and from Astra, Peter. Who is a real treasure.
23:27, Neuzd> Sad to hear that, he wasn't old.
23:27, Alex> 10 years. Died of poisoning, we don't know whether intentional or accidental.
23:28, Alex> It seems he was the last element in my life I gave some sh*t about. Since then... it's all flatline.
23:29, Kristos> ouch
23:30, Alex> well, mourning's over anyway... doesn't hurt to talk about that, after two years. Been crying for a whole week though, back then.
23:43, Alex> one good news in those last two years, has been that I've learned to use Blender, to an extent. It's the thing I'm rendering the future webcomic.
23:44, Alex> I still curse its interface, but only twice a day, not 200.
23:44, Alex> Guess I'll try to sleep now... take care.
23:45, Neuzd> Good night
23:47, Alex> OOC my profile picture for the Furrball account on *is* the webcomic's main character, and it's a 3D model, rendered in Blender 2.93 and made to look sorta-painted in Photoshop. The name's One-Four. The year's 2199, and he's watching stuff on an antique tablet.
23:47, Alex whispers: 'night...
23:48, Kristos> ah blender, i always was frustrated by the interface and gave up
23:49, Alex> They got it better, to some extent, in recent times. Since version 2.8. But man, they've still got plenty of room for improvement... also, yeah, it's absurdically complicated, but that's the whole of 3D modeling nowadays.
23:50, Alex whispers: 'night, really :D
23:52, Kristos> 'night