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... Megagun, a.k.a. Mega

classification: Male Felisian
habitat: My Drifter, ofcourse!
born: I guess so., here since: September 30, 2003
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doing pushups
An ex-developer of Noctis IV CE, now developing my own newtonian physics real-time strategy game set in space. Beyond that, a Linux enthusiast (though I tend to boot into Windows more to play my precious games. D:) and I happen to enjoy reading the books by Niven set in the Known Space universe.

If I ever could find the motivation, I'd write myself an epic multiplayer roguelike team-based adventure game inspired by Space Station 13 and the Paranoia RPG.

I don't give any 'official' support for Noctis IV CE or NIV+ anymore, but if you really want some, your best chance of getting some would be to hop on IRC and ask me there.
Members [by nick, ascending]: p. 1 ... 579 580 581 582 583 ... 1055
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