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absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 11, 2004 04:29
Kindly post known NIV bugs here.

I've been fiddling with the NIV source with an aim to correct the correctable bugs in it.

This can't be released at this time for the same reason as Hactis - We need Alex's permission first.
Edit: It's released!
Edit: And merged with Hactis!

Latest version
See the Noctis IV CE Releases thread.

Feel free to discuss stuff remotely related here, I won't stop you (For example, whether XYZ is a bug or a feature, or whether this should be merged with Hactis (When The King Returns), etc).

Since the list of fixes, features, and such has gotten really long, it's been moved into a fixes.html file which comes in the 'fixactis' downloads (both the full and the update packages include it).

I'll be editing this post to keep track of bugs and to note when they're fixed (and possibly with details about the fix). (Ran out of space long ago )

Known bugs:
  • [FIXED] Pressing 'set local target' makes the screen shake if there are no planets in the system. NIV no longer shakes the screen or prompts for a planet if none exist; Instead, it responds with "NO PLANETS".
  • [FIXED] When you 'set local target', if you type in a number above 127, it will wrap around to become a number -128 to 127. If this number is below 0, then NIV will accept the target, though it will be a *nonexistant* target, and NIV will think it is +NAN LY distant. Or it may just crash. If it DOESN'T crash, and you then try to fly to the planet, you will wind up in a pocket universe without stars, with no way to return to the galaxy. Planet numbers above 127 now correctly return "NOT EXTANT." Furthermore, if you have gotten yourself trapped in a pocket universe, you should now be able to get OUT of it, by setting your target to parsis (or any system, if you use the nearby-system-finder tool), and engaging the vimana drive. If you're in +NAN LY land, if you engage vimana to a +NAN distant target, NIV will move you directly to the coordinates you specified (Actually, it will put you near them and will use vimana to go the rest of the way).
  • [FIXED]You can go beyond the galactic boundary by setting target to parsis; However, you will still be unable to target any systems, which means you're likely to run out of fuel if you fly too far (I did ). Now you can't fly there anymore (it works the same as when you target an outofrange system).
  • [HACK] If you set your Li+ negative, you will have infinite fuel (You would have to edit current.bin to do that anyways). This is so that I can fly across the galaxy to test the you-can't-go-any-further-code to attempt to fix it so it works on target-by-parsis too, since I bumped myself back to the center of the galaxy after I got stuck in +NAN LY land.
  • [FIXED]You can land on unlandable objects if you start the landing request on a landable one and change target before landing. The landing-status is cleared when you set a new target (local targets as well as remote ones), and also when you attempt to scope for lithium, just in case there's some way to cause the bug there too. (Originally reported by Trad.a)
  • [FIXED]Funky planet-duplication bugs (not recalculating planet data upon entering a new system?). It appears to be fixed for planets in separate systems. Since I haven't been able to duplicate the problem with two planets or moons in the same system, I cannot test to see if it still happens there. (Originally reported by Megagun, problem originally found by various other people, including Perry)
  • [FIXED]'Navigation instruments' menu if local planets finder is activated. If you name the star of an undiscovered system, it will count for the "x labelled out of x" display. Thus is it possible to have, for example, nine bodies labelled out of eight. This is corrected after NIV is restarted, though. (Also the count drops by 1 if you unlabel the star) Labelling and unlabelling the star no longer changes the # of labelled bodies. (Reported by Perry)
  • [Feature] When you fly to a parsis target, your StarDrifter will stop further away from it than before (about 3 times as far), and then it will fly either up or down until the target coordinates are lined up with your SD, so they're easy to see. Thus, if the coordinates are for a star, you should then be able to easily target that star.
  • [Feature] There's an additional menu now ("Extended"), with submenus. So far there's only one submenu, "Options." All additional options and values and such are saved to current.bin, and old versions of NIV can still read the new current.bin, and the modified NIV can still read old current.bin files too.
  • [Feature] The Options menu allows you to specify whether to have Speedup always disabled, only enabled on the roof, or always enabled. It's more effective inside the drifter.
  • [Optional Fix] I've completed the OPTIONAL unified temperature algorithms, which are based on attributes of the system's sun and decrease over distance w/ inverse square law. They're still being tested and adjusted. You can switch between using old and new temperature calculations in the Options menu.
  • [Feature] You can now choose whether to have the temperature in your HUD appear in Celsius, Kelvin, or Fahrenheit (from the Options menu).
  • [FIXED]The widesnap/panorama bug, which would manifest after taking several wide snapshots with the / key, symptoms being an inability to take further screenshots, and the esc key not exiting NIV, and 3d font corruption (upon returning to the SD), and possibly additional problems. You can now take as many panoramic screenshots as you want (until it hits the hard screenshot limit). Here's the cause: The widesnapping takes three separate snapshots and saves 'em like normal shots (but with different filenames), and after all three have been taken, all three are opened and read from them in order to write the final BMP. Then all three of the original files are deleted. The three BMPs' file handles were never actually being closed, so Bad Things were happening when NIV attempted to delete said files. I have no idea why the problem caused the symptoms that it did, and have no reason to try to find out now , but adding the _close calls for each of the files eliminated the problem entirely.
  • [FIXED]If you took so many screenshots that you had exactly 9997 or 9998 or 9999 screenshots, and you then took a panoramic shot, it would delete screenshots 9997-9999 but wouldn't even save your panoramic shot. (More specifically, it would overwrite those with its own temporary shots, and then would fail to combine them because there was no unused # to use for saving the panoramic shot. Then it would delete its temporary shots, which had earlier overwritten your original screenshots numbered 9997-9999.) This was a theoretical bug which had not been reported, but which would have happened if someone allowed (whether accidentally or intentionally) the precise conditions to occur. The panoramic shots now use a different name for the individual temporary shots which are combined into the panoramic one later.
  • [FIXED]Only 9999 screenshots could be taken, after that, NIV would refuse to take any more (until you deleted some). It's debatable as to whether this is a bug, but it's easily fixable, so I've fixed it! Now it will take up to 99,999,999, by omitting the 'snap' prefix in the filename. Note that back when NIV was made, it was unlikely that anyone would ever take 9999 screenshots and not prune some due to their file size, since 9999 panoramic shots would take about 1.7 gigabytes of space. Nowadays, with more and more computers having 100+ GB HDs, it does not seem so incomprehensible that anyone would let that many shots stick around. 99,999,999 panoramic shots would take up about 16.76 TERABYTES of HD space (that's 17166 GB). Of course after Four More Years HDs with that much space may be common, but that's as far as we can go without cutting into the file extension or giving NIV the ability to create files with names longer than DOS allows (or using letters in the screenshot 'numbers'). In any event, nobody will ever take that many shots... Er... Wait! Don't quote me on that! Ack!
  • [Feature] When on a planet, you may now press the 'a' key to call the drifter (it will lift off slightly and fly to you, and then land next to you). To cancel calling it, press 'z', and it will land where it is. This should be VERY useful if you lose track of your drifter. P.S. It shouldn't take more than a minute for it to arrive, no matter how far you are. If you press escape to exit while the lander is flying towards you, when you start Noctis again the lander will have landed on the ground below where it was when you exited. (Well you wouldn't want it to hover in place for hours while you're cat-napping, would you?)

More on the next page (Ran out of space in this post).
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hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Dec 11, 2004 04:46
What about the bug where if you hit 'land' and go to a sub-stellar object you can impossibly land on it.
written by Megagun mk. ii on Dec 11, 2004 13:23
Okay, here are two fer ya:

1) 0,60, the default landing spot, seems to be always the same on Felysian planets (at least, that's what Gazer told me... Some investigation kind of proves this, so all credits actually go to him... )
2) You are able to "duplicate" planets which are the only planets on a star system (at least, that's how it seems to be.. I think there's just a stupid bug in the code.. )

Oh, and merging it with Hactis? Well.... If you agree with that, I'd be glad by putting them in.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 11, 2004 20:26
Your bug is fixed now, Trad.a.
written by Premier on Dec 11, 2004 22:57
Shadowlord said:
. If it DOESN'T crash, and you then try to fly to the planet, you will wind up in a pocket universe without stars, with no way to return to the galaxy.
Wow! Hijacking to Witchspace and Thargoids, oh my, oh my!
written by Perry-substitute on Dec 11, 2004 23:31
I'm not sure whether to consider this a real bug...
There are icy planets with extremely high temperatures (350C). The ones I am talking about were orbiting an S05 star, but maybe this also applies for other kinds of stars.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 11, 2004 23:43
Maybe it's glass instead of ice.
written by Megagun mk. ii on Dec 11, 2004 23:50
This is a little NIV bug indeed. It's because there's one value, TEMPERATURE, and another one, TEMP_TEMPERATURE.
The TEMP_TEMPERATURE stores the temperature which it should become, and TEMPERATURE is the one it displays.
TEMPERATURE slowly creeps towards TEMP_TEMPERATURE. Thus, if you go to a very hot planet, and then to a very cold planet, the TEMPERATURE value should slowly decrease. If you return to the SD, and then go back again, it should be quite normal..... I hope..
The wow-ness thing: all my lines started with a T!
written by Perry-substitute on Dec 12, 2004 00:01
Well, actually the planet is just hot. The temperature doesn't change if I return to the drifter.

Oh, and what about this short time of tottering that occurs if you leave your landing capsule by moving the mouse and that makes you unable to move?
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 12, 2004 00:48
Could you describe that last one in more detail, if possible?

Also, neither me nor mega have been able (thus far) to duplicate the duplicate-bodies-in-one-system bug, in the system shown in the first post in this thread: http://anywherebb.com/postline/posts.php?f=6&t=1186
But we have repeated the second set of screenshots, which show two planets in different systems. Currently the planet seems to change to what it should be a couple seconds after I arrive at it - however, it does not move upon exiting and restarting NIV, which seems to indicate that the only thing wrong is the color and possibly other variables related to how it is drawn, etc. Continuing to look into it.
Edit: And now it's not automatically changing after a few seconds. hmm.
Edit #2: And now it's fixed.

And as for the temperature one, what class/type is the star that the planet orbits? [Edit #2: Oops, he already said]
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sfx#32 swarm of dead insects
written by Lkraider on Dec 12, 2004 04:24
Can the screenshot bug be fixed too? (where you take too many landscape shots and return to the drifter and it's all junked up).
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Dec 12, 2004 04:33
No, Alex mentioned it is a bug in Borlands library, so unless you fix the library, the bug can't be fixed.
sfx#32 swarm of dead insects
written by Lkraider on Dec 12, 2004 04:37
Why, go fix the library then! =P
hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Dec 12, 2004 04:44
It's your idea
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 12, 2004 05:15
Hello! said:
No, Alex mentioned it is a bug in Borlands library, so unless you fix the library, the bug can't be fixed.
That's what we THINK is the problem anyways. Mind you, NIV's source isn't the clearest thing in the world, so it might not be easy to find if it WERE a bug in NIV. Kinda like the duplicate-planet-appearance bug me & Mega are trying to figure out now. [Edit: Said planet-duplicating bug is fixed now]
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