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five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on May 02, 2004 19:37
Look at this. These two moons are located next to each other and they have the exact same look.
written by Vib rib on May 02, 2004 19:53
Whoa. That's really awsome. I like the idea of identical moons.
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written by Kalliope on May 03, 2004 00:09
That's.....creepy. The only discrepancy between the two (other than details like Parsis, target detail, and name) is that the right moon looks a little smaller. Compare the outline of the moon's atmosphere to the proximity of the name box.
written by Bgreman on May 03, 2004 00:32
For a real test, take a picture from the surface of the same cell on each moon.
written by Estu kaami aftadai on May 03, 2004 02:47
Kalliope, that might be because of the picture frame. The one on the right seems centered better. Note the horizontal distances from the edges of the moons to the edges of the screen.
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written by Trad.a on May 03, 2004 04:49
the odds of a twin moon are very small...Well done
written by Mcwgogs on May 05, 2004 12:06
sure looks weird... nice find...
five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on May 05, 2004 18:32
Well, uh, here's another pair. This time they're even in different systems.
I think this is some kind of bug :-/
written by Overtilt on May 05, 2004 18:34
Not bug. FEATURE.

Anyway, It's all got to do with DOS limitations and that sort of thing. Expect NV to not have this happen a lot.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on May 06, 2004 00:10
Well, I've noticed in stars with one planet, if you visit one then the other within the same session of noctis, the first planet of the first (If the star type was the same) will graphically be the same, even if it's not the same planet type.
Restarting Noctis fixes this. If it still occurs, then you've got a real phenomenon on your hands.
five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on May 06, 2004 13:15
The first two moons I posted are within the same solar system, but the discovery of the next pair matches your description.
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