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written by Alex on May 13, 2003 00:59
Paragraph control tags reference:
All tags appearing in this message might be written, for them to take effect, between a < and a > (between a "less than" and a "greater than" sign). In explanations, they've been written between quotes to witheld them from taking effect. The MORE HELP/PREVIEW button in the left panel, outputs a preview of the resulting message, and also give further detailed explanations about any "special things" that could be placed in messages. One more tip: if you quote this message using its "Q" button, you'll see the full "source" of it.

Basic paragraph control tags:
"c" and "/c" will center the text

"r" and "/r" will right-align it

Fancy paragraph control tags:
"alt" and "/alt" >>> alternative font (Trebuchet MS)

"i" and "/i" >>> simple italics

"e" and "/e" >>> Emphasis

"o" and "/o" >>> Outline

"s" and "/s" >>> Small Text

"l" and "/l" >>> Large Text

"u" and "/u" >>> Underscore

"m" and "/m" >>> Mistake

"n" and "/n" >>> <n>Neutral, non-bold</n>

Sample combinations:
e+o = Outlined and Emphasized

s+u = Small and underscored

an highly attractive link: http://www.pushingpixels.net

a (weird) underscored smiley:
...for instance, the headings in this post were made with a pretty complex combination of "h", "c", "a", "l" and "i", where the lowercase h marks headings, and the horizontal divisor/rule above this block of text was made using the lowercase d, standing for "divisor", in facts.
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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on May 13, 2003 01:02
Just to better clarify how the c-disk works: the c-disk is organized in four main folders, and several "virtual folders". Virtual folders are built from records in the database, while real folders are effective subdirectories of the "cd" directory server-side. Now, the space reserved to the c-disk after the recent upgrade to our hosting account is of 250 megabytes. But you must know that the c-disk also has a "cluster size" setting, which is actually set to 32 Kb per cluster. What does this mean? That if you upload a file of any size below 32 Kb, it will take 32 Kb anyway, and that if you upload a file of, for instance, 40 Kb, it will take 64 Kb, because its allocated disk space is rounded to the next boundary of 32 Kb. Therefore, we have a 250Mb/32Kb limit for uploadable files, which gives a maximum of 8 thousands uploaded files, in the case where all files take an amount less or equal to 32 Kb.

The virtual folders take no space: they are automatically created in every effective folder (gifs, jpgs, pngs, zips) if at least a document of that type has been uploaded by a given member. The virtual folders take the name of the member whose files belong to, and the path to virtual folders looks like: c-disk/doumenttype/membername.

Another kind of virtual folder appears when clicking a link in a member's profile: it looks like c-disk//membername and it lists all files uploaded by that member, no matter the type of file.

this was originally posted in "Whatever", reposted here for completeness.
written by Raptorjedi on Apr 10, 2004 01:57
Just as a tip to those wanting to link to things in cdisk, you Do Not need to put the .jpg, .png, .zip, .gif tag thingys on the end, it does not need them, and if you put it then it will not work properly.
written by Shadowclaw on May 18, 2004 18:00
Another tip:

You see that set of links down below your username, below your post? You see the one labelled "edit"?

If you want to correct a post a copuple of minutes after making it, please use the link rather than making a second post.

Thank you.

edit: Updated for Postline 2004.
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flying sparrow
written by Stargazer on Jul 23, 2004 13:30
Frespych tips and hints:
Frespych is the anywhereBB's "minichat", it is integrated with the forums, and does not operate with any other chat system such as IRC.
Similar to IRC, however, frespych does have syntaxes to "emote" your posts, change you user password and more.

Please note that the public frespych is NOT your private playground, if you want to experiment with it and the syntaxes, please download the Postline package and start your own local session. I mean, its ok to use the syntaxes every now and then, but not if it becomes annoying to other members, or result in flooding of the frespych frame. Overuse of certain syntaxes can be regarded as an offence and can lead to punishments such as kicking.
Here are the most popular frespych syntaxes, these should be written in front of your message, for example: "/me posts".

Does the same as the command would do in IRC; this "emotes" your message, for example:
/me posts
username posts.

The hash is another emote syntax, causing your message to change colour to become more grey and "stealthy", as if its being "whispered".
# whisper
username whispers: whisper

The asterisk will cause your message to be a correction.
For example:
username meant: oops

An extra asterisk at the end of the message causes it to do the same as the "/me" syntax.

The exclamation-point automatically converts the text in your message to capital letters, as if you were yelling:
! Hello!!!
username yells: HELLO!!!

The slash changes the font of your message.
Please note that this can get a bit annoying with overuse, so please don't use it too much, though every now and then is ok.
For example:
\ah yes
username > ?? ???
Then there are some other syntaxes which might be of interest. Please note that the double-quotes are required around parameters like the user name, and these must be written for the syntax to act as it should:

This will activate a quiet mode, so you don't get public feedback of what you just did. This should be especially useful with the command below:

/chpass "new password"
This will allow you to change your password, simply write the new password between the quotes, and make sure you have this new password noted down somewhere, or you may not be able to log back in.
Further, before you start using the syntaxes, please have a look at the rules and guidelines for a few tips on what you can and what you should not do on frespych and in the forums in general.
Have fun!
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written by Raptorjedi on Dec 23, 2004 04:10
Okay, it may not be known, but there is a search feature folks. Its the button on the bottom next to session that says find.
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