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written by Voumtak on Mar 30, 2004 06:33
sweet jesus, it works!!!!! many many many thanks stargazer, i suddenly feel computer-literate....
written by Bgreman on Mar 30, 2004 06:52
Your quick launch bar frightens the beejeezzus out of me. It is way cluttered.
written by Voumtak on Mar 30, 2004 06:59
yes indeed! I would rather have it busy and have no icons, mind you, I do not use most of the buttons...but I cannot seem to find them when I do need them, so rather than trawling through endless menus, I abuse the shortcut...
written by Overtilt on Mar 30, 2004 07:11
cd/jpgs/Overtilt/desktop - 04 03 30 (361 Kb)

There's mine. I'm a self-centered twerp, I know.

As you see, I categorize my desktop to make it less confusing. Works well for me.
written by Explorer on Mar 30, 2004 13:45
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Mar 31, 2004 00:09
Haha, the best parts of a woman? (In reply to Voumtak's)
written by Voumtak on Mar 31, 2004 02:35
well....I cannot agree lightning; no hands??? no mouth??? significant drawbacks..but in a slightly more serious tone, no, I still do not agree, the best part women is without question their supple brilliant minds...giacometti was a bit of a macho prat, but a brilliant artist all the same...
written by Vib rib on Mar 31, 2004 03:05
Something's wrong with that statue. It has some eating disorder.
written by Explorer on Mar 31, 2004 03:42
Or a hand.. Or arms.... ::nods::
written by Overtilt on Mar 31, 2004 08:30
I wouldn't say women's minds are any more supple than ours. And I'm wondering slightly if you're going for the "nimble" supple or the "adaptible" supple. I like women who're nimble in more than just their minds, mind you. And I think women, much like men, are not the most adaptible a sort I've seen. Okay, more adaptible than many other animals, but not really that much. And women to no larger extent than men.
written by Voumtak on Mar 31, 2004 08:48
nimble, supple, the image I was aiming for is served just as well by both these terms (though not adaptable), and I was thinking more along the lines of the relative lack of pride and ego that women seem to display (at least when speaking with them) as opposed to men (and, no, this is not to say that men are recalcitrant bastards in debate)
and I can only emphatically agree the supple, nimble and, indeed, adaptable, are all qualities that I appreciate in women as concerns not just their minds...
written by Overtilt on Mar 31, 2004 08:58
supple, nimble and adaptible are all the same thing, if you look at a dictionary. Well, not the same thing. Two sides of the same thing, as upple is aparently synonymous with adaptible.

*has never used dictionary.com as much in one day as he's using it now that Voumtak has joined the forum*
written by Buuks on Mar 31, 2004 09:18
And he even post more in 4 days than you in 6 days.
written by Overtilt on Mar 31, 2004 09:22
Holy Shit! I thought only RJ was capable of that!
written by Buuks on Mar 31, 2004 09:29
Okay, concentrate, it is not all lost yet.
Just post, even it is pointless, you are capable of it.
Go for it, and don't give up!!
You can do it, I believe in you.
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