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i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 29, 2009 16:38
Who need normal programs when you can make a Rube-Goldberg one?
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Sep 29, 2009 17:50
Sunfire said:
May I go a lil off topic and ask why do you need the clean desktop utility when you can just right click on your desktop and hide all the icons?
...because it's a redundant cheat feature??? OK so I haven't bothered with all of the Winnose menus, sosiouxme

written by Monty on Oct 16, 2009 20:33
cd/pngs/Monty/desktop (285 Kb)

There's my current 'top.
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rose pony is best pony
written by Starchaser on Oct 29, 2009 13:52
With the addition of my newest computer I decided it was finally time to upload my desktop(s).

I haven't gotten around to making new desktop wallpapers for Selene and Pandia so I just grabbed them off Google.

But Mainframes is actually yours truly ran through a few GIMP filters.

Main laptop - Selene:
cd/pngs/Starchaser/screenshot (678 Kb)

Main Desktop - Mainframe:
cd/pngs/Starchaser/screen (528 Kb)

Netbook - Pandia:
cd/pngs/Starchaser/pandia (1051 Kb)
written by 4616599 on Nov 05, 2009 07:35
Don't we all just love abusing exploiting toying around with the Mars system?
cd/pngs/4616599/screenshot_1 (822 Kb)
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