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written by Raptorjedi on Apr 07, 2004 19:56
All communities (or forums. Whatever) on the web have a set of rules, be it written down or not. We are no different in that respect. We've written down a set of rules and guidelines which should be kept in mind at all times. This is not to say that we want you to follow them word for word, but we want our new members to know what has become (in most cases) second nature to the members who have been here a while.
We have a small set of absolutely rock-hard rules. The breaking of these will be met with instant editing/ deletion of post or even kicking if done repeatedly:

I. Thou shalt not act to the likeness of a troll... eth!
Do not attack other members, this will lead to deletion/editing of your posts, or to be kicked off the forums for a while. The mods/admins arent going to slack off on this. You do it, you get punished.

II. Thou shalt not commit ye olde copyright infringement!
Cdisk rules: If it's copyrighted, or you think it might be, DON'T put it on there, its against the rules. If its a program from another site that you didn't make but its free to distribute, then mention that so it doesn't get deleted. Mods/Admins can delete things from cdisk at anytime. Also, remember, whatever you put up on cdisk is your responsibility, so Alex, nor any of the mods can get in trouble for what you put on it, only you can. Other things not allowed on it are pornographic material or other things that wouldn't be safe for work, or for a child to see.

III. Thou shalt not advertise!
Do not practice any forms of explicit, redundant advertising for commercial goods and services - especially if you stand to make money from such a service.

IV. Thou shalt not lie or decieve
Don't lie. Don't wilfully decieve the other members of the community by spreading information you know is false. Remember, there is a difference deception and joking. Of course, we don't want to compromise your privacy, so there is a limit to the rule.

V. Thou shalt not create multiple accounts!
Obviously, this does have the same limit as above, if for some reason your privacy is involved, and it's a legit reason, it will be tolerated. But for the most part, you shouldn't create second accounts, since they are mostly used to lie, decieve, or troll.

Clarification: I shouldn't have to add this, but this rule also, and especially, covers creating another account after being permanently banned. That will be dealt with severely - that is, your entire subnet of 65,536 computers will be prevented from creating acounts. Do you really want to be responsible for preventing people from joining? -- Shadowclaw

Xeno edit: This rule may be relaxed somewhat in the event that a serious bug crops up in Postline causing data loss of an inability to login - the account eater springs to mind. As of this edit, however, there is no such known bug.

VI. Thou shalt not exploit a security hole in any way whatsoever!
This rule doesn't mean that Postline is full of security holes, because it isn't. What it does mean is that, when security holes are found, they should be reported via the 'tell us' link above. If you do so, please make sure that you leave enough information that the hole can be found, and, if you're knowledgable in PHP, you might wish to submit a patch.

However, there exists the person who, upon finding a security hole, will exploit it in an attempt to 'pwn' a site and take control of it's content, among other nefarious activities. If such a person (or anyone, for that matter) is found to be exploiting a security hole, they will be dealt with, severely.

VII. Thou shalt not tell people where they can and cannot post.
I hate to have to make this rule, because it seems like common sense, but there are to be no threads that say things like "You can't post here if you aren't" for any reason, be it for teachers, people who like a certain band, or people who only eat tacos every third sunday. These forums are for everyone, not just for who you want them to be for. Obvious exceptions to the rule are threads that only mods and admins can post in, such as the news, or threads where there is a game going on, such as werewolf, where you have to be an active participant to play.

VIII. Thou shalt not make threads about religions
I know it seems kinda harsh, but I think its time we put a stop to threads about creationism and though they haven't come up, threads about which religion you are/which is better. People couldn't seem to handle themselves in a civil manner in the thread about creationism and evolution so this rule had to be made. As for threads about which religion you are/which is better, it could only lead to bitter arguments, even flame wars. Try to remember that we are a diverse community and there is not much of a need for this here. It belongs elsewhere, if you want that.
General Guidelines
Then, there are the rules that are more like guidelines. We aren't as strict with these as the ones mentioned above, but please keep them in mind when you trudge the forums:

I. Thou shalt not ressurect that which is dead!
Bumping a thread when you have nothing useful to add to it or you are just going to say what someone else already said is generally frowned upon. If you feel you really have something to add, or you have a question about the subject matter that hasn't been answered in the other posts, feel free to ressurect the thread, but make sure you've read the whole thread and that you're not repeating things.

II. Thou shalt not repeat questions!
If you want to make a thread (to ask a question or anything else) and you don't know whether this subject has been brought up before, use the search feature to see if you can find what you're looking for. Multiple threads about the same thing could get deleted.

III. Thou shalt not asketh repeatedly about when Noctis V is released!
Don't ask about NV over and over and over. When you ask about it once, chances are the response you got will be the same if you were to ask again. It tends to get VERY annoying when people ask "Is NV out yet?" "Any news about NV?!" everytime they come. That's why the curse was invented, to make people stop asking. Trust us, you'll know when it's out. HERE is a link to The Curse thread.

IV. Thou shalt not speaketh in uncommon tongues!
Please speak clear and understandable english. We know english may not be the main language you speak, but please try your hardest to be clear with your words. l33t talk is not wanted or practiced here. All other languages are excepted but please remember this is a english speaking forum and all would like to be in the conversation.
This also goes for FreSpych! It may be fun to impersonate something but use it cautiously, just don't get out of hand with it or you may be punished and that is something we don't want to do.

V. Thou shalt not posteth redundantly!
Making continuous posts with only one word (or very short) answers, or just answers with a emoticon are annoying, so don't do it too much, every once in a while is fine. Another part of this, there is now a feature that gets rid of members who have NEVER posted, if you are caught making a spam post to avoid this, the thread in question WILL be deleted, and you will be kicked from the forums for a short amount of time. If its a severe post (vulgar words, trollish things) you could end up banned.

VI. Thou shalt not type foul words... too much!
Too much foul language will lead to edited posts or you yourself being kicked. No warning will be given on that one.

VII. Thou shalt not self-destruct!
One thing that bugs just about everyone is when someone resigns for some reason, then comes back, over and over. Do that enough times and you could find yourself unable to re-register. You all know who we are referring to.

VIII. Thou shalt not cause the resignation of another member!
This is an open forum - anyone is welcome to join, and participate in the discussion of this site's topics (and I'd like to remind certain people that there is a forum here - this isn't just a chat-room). Everyone is also free to leave the community if they so wish. If the reason for their leaving involves some other member of the community, however, an investigation will take place and the wrongdoer(s) will be dealt with in whatever manner is deemed necessary. This also applies to abuse of this rule.


I. Asketh not for help in frespych!
Just a guideline, as said; you can choose yourself wether or not to ask for help in Frespych, but beware that if you have questions of any importance at all, you might have a much higher chance of having this question answered if you post it in the forum instead of frespych. Even if you need answers quickly. People normally answer quickly in the forum anyway. If you try making a post about it and still don't get answers, try posting in frespych.

II. Thou shalt be patient in frespych!
This isn't really a rule, but just to let people know, if you are using frespych, and you say hello, but no one answers, even though they have the + symbol up it doesn't mean they see what you said. We have seen people say hello five or six times over because no one answers while we are busy doing other things. Just because its there doesn't mean we have to use it all the time.

III. Thou shalt not flood frespych!
That is, don't post redundantly in frespych; like writing a line, hitting enter, writing a new line, hitting enter, and so "flooding" the frespych frame.
So, although you are free to chat as you want in frespych if you want to, please try not to overdo posting in it. Also note that Frespych is not the only chat system we got; we also got a IRC channel, where it is easier to keep larger conversations. To log in, you can either follow the "IRC chat" link at the top of the page, or join using your IRC client of choice. HERE is a link to the thread on how to join.
(Edit by Shadowclaw: I'd like to point out that Frespych can be configured to have a scroll bar - click on the button to the far right of the entry bar if the bar isn't there. Frespych lines can get pretty long, and it's better to write one or two long lines than several short ones. At least two long lines can be contained within the same frame, with plenty of space left over for comments from other people, even if you have to scroll to the right a bit.)

IV. Thou shalt not dodge kicks!
Dodging kicks means you log in and out to avoid getting them, while still being able to talk in frespych. Its now against the rules, and anyone caught doing so may find themselves with a ban instead.

V. Thou shalt not deal in Moderator and Administrators business.
Its not really a rule, just needs to be said. Mods and Admins know whats right, and it can get a bit confusing and annoying having every person on the fourms shouting as to what should be done about trolls and this and that. Just please, let us handle it.

Shadowclaw edit: The main reason for this is because, all too often lately, people have hounding the moderators demanding that things be done about something or someone, sometimes when nothing needs to be done at all. Well this shall not happen again. Understand?
If any other mods/admins have something to add, feel free to post it. And remember, Mods/Admins have the right to remove anything breaking the rules without any warning to you at all.
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written by Xenomorph on Oct 21, 2006 17:34
Just a poke to people who may not have seen this thread - please read the preceding post, and make sure you follow what it says.
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 18, 2007 02:04
Making this as a new post so people see it.

Any spoilers for a certian upcoming book that doesn't have a spoiler warning and the spoiler written in tiny text will be considered trolling and it's going to get you in trouble.

The tiny text command:
< y>...< /y> = tiny text, intentionally unreadable (remove the spaces to use)

Example of how it should look:


this text is tiny

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