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written by Bakuhatsu on Apr 21, 2004 18:14
I'm reading this instead of finishing a paper.
written by Overtilt on Apr 21, 2004 18:18
I've got MC frontalot on my head. And I'm sorta tired. And I want to take a shower. And my navel is an innie.
written by Explorer on Apr 21, 2004 18:56
I'm cursing the windows API as I try to figure out how to use directX.

I just ate ramen noodles. I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

I have a solar calculator next to me. It is on. The scroll wheel on my mouse is busted.
written by Bgreman on Apr 21, 2004 19:47
I have concerns about my performance on my Analysis final yesterday. And I've probably downloaded more games then Explorer. Been doing it for 8 years.
deep into the jungle
written by Ponche on Apr 22, 2004 10:48
I don't know why i'm here
written by Snake101 on Apr 22, 2004 15:12
I'm laughing my ass off with Ome Henk.
written by Overtilt on Apr 22, 2004 15:54
I am almost finished downloading my Ryzom Beta.
written by Bakuhatsu on Apr 22, 2004 17:00
I'm in Japanese class!
written by Explorer on Apr 22, 2004 17:33
I wish my school offered Japanese.

I came home today to find a dead mouse on the porch. Damn cat.

I'm going to put some gas in my tank today or tomorrow.
written by Bakuhatsu on Apr 22, 2004 17:35
Actually, speaking of mice...

The reason I'm in a lab for Japanese is class is because we're looking up articles to for our final project and I came across one about a cloned mouse that was created without any sperm. Interesting stuff, it is, but it sounds like science fiction. Strange pornographic science fiction.
lieutenant busybody
written by Fth on Apr 22, 2004 17:45
I just tried to hit a fly, but I wasn't fast enough!
written by Snake101 on Apr 22, 2004 17:53
I've got three things on my Windows taskbar right now: KaZaa, Internet Explorer, and PowerCinema (watching TV).
i hate it here!
written by Ginja_ninja on Apr 22, 2004 18:24
I need a new sterio, just asked and my mum agrees.

The ability to listen to music is more important then being able to watch TV in my house.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Apr 22, 2004 23:16
I'm boring, but I want to suddenly come here and mutter stuff about a top secret project, and a certain future date..
written by Vib rib on Apr 23, 2004 00:10
I just saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance by not buying a car.

Coincidentally, it's very hot over here and people around me have a way of depressing me.
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