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written by Cryoburner on May 12, 2003 02:51
You can list all your favorite utilities here, along with a description of what they do, and a link to their website. It would also be good to include what OS versions it is available for. Here are a couple to start us off...

-This is a feature-packed freeware program that is great for removing any spyware, tracking cookies, and registry strings from your computer. Additionally, it allows you to clear such things as recent file lists and caches from most software. (Windows)

Xteq Systems X-Setup
-A program with a lot of features that allows you to customize and tweak your OS, Software, and Hardware settings to your liking. (Windows - all versions)
written by Fop on May 12, 2003 08:36
-It makes playing DOS games with sound in NT systems possible. Sound card doesn't matter, it somehow emulates Adlib, Roland, Soundblaster and General MIDI.
Check the forum for updates.
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written by Lkraider on May 12, 2003 15:23
Tiny tool to capture the color of any pixel on the screen (and copy/show its hex and dec values)

Creates and handles .brs batch files to run multiple windows programs with time delays and can also execute some file-management functions (copy/delete/etc)
While there, check out Cacheman also - a RAM manager and defrag prog. (good for win9x users that leave computer running for a long time and see the free memory fading away...)
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written by Alex on May 13, 2003 00:55
the language that made this possible

IIS? IIS? What? 200 dollars more for IIS in XP Pro?

nPOP email client, www.nakka.com
Checks email, retrieves it.
Especially, does nothing more than this.

GIFMovieGear, www.moviegear.com
Makes icons and other neat clipart.
"Officially" used by MS to make WinXP icons.

Well, then there's little more, mostly they're either not freeware utils or myown utils...
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written by Lkraider on May 13, 2003 01:33
PopFile - http://popfile.sourceforge.net
An automatic email classification tool. Sorts your email into 'buckets' you define and learns automatically where to put stuff. Very reliable (I have it set to sort out all spam - works wonders - or 97% accuracy, as reported) and it functions in the background, you don't even notice it.
written by Overtilt on May 27, 2003 12:02
Irfanview - http://www.irfanview.com

A great image viewing/editing program. Less than a meg to download and fast as frelling hell.

Homesite 1.2

It's like Notepad with a little extra. For editing HTML. Has colour coding and quick-codes so you don't have to write everything over and over again. But you have to know HTML to use it, which I like.
written by Cryoburner on May 31, 2003 07:48
While screensavers are not really utilities, I just thought I would post a link to some of my favorite screensavers. They are available for Windows, and have been ported to Linux, and some to Mac, as well. They are definately my favorite particle effect screensavers, and are extremely customizable as well...

Also, for HTML editing, I like to use Max's HTML Beauty, although the site hasn't been updated in a while...
Max's World

And I agree that Irfanview is a great image viewer. It's nice and small, and has a pretty good interface as well.
written by Lkraider on Jun 11, 2003 00:50
Fraps - http://www.fraps.com
Just to post it here also, this is a great screencapture utility, it works with OpenGL, DirectX and Parsis-knows-what-other modes of fullscreen apps/games. It also can show you the framerate of any fullscreen game, and also capture video of the screen.
Oh, and it is very small and really easy to use
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written by Shadowlord on Jun 11, 2003 01:03
Unfortunately, it does not work with Ultima Exile (Ultima 7 for windows, essentially, requiring you have ultima 7 already)
written by Fop on Jun 11, 2003 08:40
You mean Exult, don't you?
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jun 11, 2003 13:33
Yes. That's odd. Why'd I say Exile? Oh. Pagan. Duh.
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