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written by Raptorjedi on Jul 09, 2003 00:54
ok here is an item list for newbie and experienced players alike
if you made one of these items can you please either pm me or post below to tell me exactly what it does so i can further update this list
(NS means not sure,HL is hazard level, SC is soul class)

Christmas candle-lights your way in the darkness
istyrion cutter-increases HL
portable scanner-allows you to see the location of other players
Bundle of Spinachs-increases inventory
Box of Wonder- NS
Gem of Backfire- NS
Wooden Ring of Hate-NS
Token Of Peace-NS
lost amulet of Ancient Ones-NS
Electric Torch-same as Xmas candle
Twin Feather of Mind Delusion-NS
Dark Matter Gem-Gives Dark Ablities, i think
Wooden Ring of Fire Immunity-Duh fire immunity
Large Extra Storage-Increases storage
Gem of the Earth-Gives Earth Ablities
gold ring-NS
silver ring-NS
Blue Ball of Water-Gives Water Ablities
corpses-eat them to live
Extra-Strong Body-and-Mind Full Isolation Bubble-Increases Defense
Blasting Wand-very powerful weapon,long distance attack, but doesnt raise SC level(btw sorry alex)
Map to the North-East Forest-its a map
coloured map of the main level-yet another map
Night Vision Goggles-they give partly coloured vision of dark places.(thanks Alex)
Probe-allows you to see players stats
Over Great Magic Seek-and-Destroy Dagger-NS
Flamethrower-increases HL
pretty large piece of native iron-used to make weapons
worthless but heavy mineral-NS
feather of resurrection-does just what it says,i also found out it increases your HL
small rock-NS
trekky daisy-activates teleportation
bag of garlic-gives you bad breath, and possibly reduces suceptiblity to hunger(thanks Premier) also increases HL by 6487
candle-same as xmas candle
Diamagnetic Protection Shield-i think it increases defense
turtle shell-Increases Defense by 1 (waste of space if you are a large animal)
artificial feather of resurrection-same as feather of resurrection
Painkiller Amulet For The Brave-NS
draconic tailmace-increases HL
Ring of the Mighty Heroes-NS
istyrion dart-Increases HL (+1623 HL)
Hakkunai Dragon's Mega Crush Amulet-NS
Ring of the Mighty Heroes-makes you invisible, increases health, and increses food to 1000000
cheap plasters X150 - seems to be for healing(thanks Shadowlord)
Sight-it helps AIMING creatures that move fast.(thanks again Alex)
New, Shiny, Six-shots Revolver, ect...-increases HL
Gem Of Great Faith-NS
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written by Zanzibar on Jul 09, 2003 14:05
Just what are these things:
1: A ruby tailmace
2: A glowing, jewel encrested silver amulet.

And is a "Dragonic leedball" just an attack weapon?
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Aug 23, 2003 14:38
Yup, the leadball is a weapon. It's heavy to throw, but if you're strong enough (ie commonly, big enough) it does pretty much. Alternatively, to raise strength you may find extra storage items. Istytion darts and cutters (the cutter's more powerful, I teared down horses with my cat and one of those) are also throw-away weapons, which makes them uncomfortable because you have to get them back from the ground where they hit, and they sometimes miss the target. But cutters do lots of damage, trust me. They're just like ninja stars... If you're a phoenix and you find some iron, you can forge your own cutters and darts. Darts do less, but they have wider attack range. If you're a dragon with some lead, you can forge leadballs and tailmaces. There's quite a bunch of lead and iron in the underground level, but access is restricted to at least valiants. NPC dragons and phoenixes may have such weapons, and if they throw them to you and you manage to survive, you could always pick them up for yourself.

Also the metals from leadballs, tailmaces, darts and cutters, can be REFORGED in another of those weapons if you can do that.

A couple notes:

night vision goggles don't do same as candles, they give partly coloured vision of dark places. Candles just light the way around weakly and in one colour (the flame's colour).

the HL raises depending on your ACTUAL HL, so giving a +2750 or so is completely useless, it's depending on your actual powers. If you're very powerful, if you can resurrect a lot, if you have special abilities like flying, teleportation, ability to locate players, they ALL contribute to raise your HL. So, if you're an hero with armourclass 10, say, picking up a cutter will just raise your HL of a huge value.

edit: last PS, the sight is a sight, it helps AIMING creatures that move fast.

edit (later in the evening): I've made a few other objects, pretty interesting, but accessible only to valiants, either because they're locked in restricted levels, or because they're conditioned for picking up. They're:

- glowing swift feathers
- firefield rings
- pearl-black bottles
- apparently small red boxes

but it's not that I'm gonna spoil what they do here. For sure, they're all pretty pleasant to have, though, relatively to a low SC like valiant. Incidentally, my regular cat became valiant last night, but of course it's a coincidence
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written by Raptorjedi on Aug 23, 2003 23:17
*updates his item list* Thanks Alex, and I wont put what those items do up on this, just to keep a little mystery. And coincidence? I think not
written by Raptorjedi on Aug 24, 2003 06:25
Okay, I have done some item making, mostly for species only

Weasel dart- Like istytion dart, but for weasels only

Crow feather- allows flying for animals with admirable soul class

Cats Eye- Red jem(important if you want to find it) there are only 3 in existance, and I hold one of them incase I need to change it. Unique, only heros of the following species can use it, Tiger, Cat, Leopard, or Lynx. I wont say what it does, you have to figure that out on your own.

Bone Box- Increases how much you can hold by 13, only 5 exist

Ring of breath fire at immunity- Does just what it says, only 5 exist, must be valiant

Also, hidden somewhere in avatar is a super powerful item, you have to be worthy enough to take it. Are you worthy enough? Find it to see...

well... that it, for now...
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written by Chad on Aug 27, 2003 20:23
Here's one, enjoy:

Name: Alpha Green
Type: Attack
Exist: 5
SoulClass: brave thru hero

Thats all. PEACE!
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Aug 29, 2003 18:14
Who made big red bags?
They might be .unique() - ized.

Like any numerical property (hp, armourclass) otherwise they'd keep accumulating when the player picked up more than one exemplary.
written by Raptorjedi on Aug 29, 2003 20:01
Oh... erm... that was me... I forgot to do that, I will when I get the time, I shouldnt even be on right now, but I am stuck in this game I am playing...
written by Estu kaami aftadai on Oct 21, 2003 11:05
Note, Turtle Shells also increase your HL a good amount.
There is also an item called a Wooden Ring, but I don't know if it does anything.
Shiny Ring -- increases light radius by 2
Torch -- increases light radius by 3 or 4, forgot which.
written by Raptorjedi on Oct 21, 2003 13:18
Well this is extremely outdated now... I am going to have to remake the whole thing, since most of the items on that list no longer exist
written by Chad on Oct 21, 2003 23:38
Yep, it would be better to list all of the common items first then do the weird ones..
written by Algebra2 on Mar 21, 2004 00:29
What is the universal adaptor?

(okay, please note that this item list is for age 1)
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written by Raptorjedi on Mar 21, 2004 03:05
Universal Adaptor - Makes you an omnivore.
a title is a curious thing...
written by Granpire viking man on May 25, 2007 00:25
Ahh... This list is a relief ! I was hoping there was something like this. I hope I didn't bother anyone by bumping the thread. No one does much here anymore anyway. What does a blood ring do?

Edit: Nevermind I already know.
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