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written by Stellanaut on Sep 07, 2004 03:17
When will avatar be popular again?
30 members voted in this poll so far
This month
Next month
This Winter/Summer
Upcoming Spring/Fall
What do you think?
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 07, 2004 03:40
You forgot the option "After NV is released"

Then again, that might be the never option
written by Raptorjedi on Sep 07, 2004 04:29
Whenever people get interested again?
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 07, 2004 04:30
Yeah. But I suspect that will really only happen after NV has been released for a good few months, since we're really just occupied thinking about NV every other minute.

Edit : Actually, I think once Avatar gets more customizability, perhaps an easier way to make quests, as well as other neat features and such, people will flock to it again. I don't think there will be any new things on Avatar until Avatar 3D is released though, which will be long after NV is released.
hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Sep 07, 2004 05:53
I would play it but it is really slow for my (grumble, grumble) modem.
written by Vib rib on Sep 07, 2004 06:35
I was never really all that interested in it to begin with, myself.
I've got a one-track mind, and that track runs all the way to the NV station.
written by Shadowclaw on Sep 07, 2004 06:45
It doesn't look like this community can realistically support a multi-user online game that runs continuously.
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written by Megagun on Sep 07, 2004 12:08
It will become popular when Avatar 3d is released.. But that could be never, so....

And I agree with SC there...
written by Ginrai on Sep 07, 2004 17:12
I have played a bit of avatar recently, but unfortunately it was on my own install of the software running on my laptop. I guess it totally defeats the point of a MMORPG if you play it by yourself on a server no-one else can join!

As for the poll, I voted 'never' for exactly the same reason specified by Shadowclaw.
written by Stargazer on Sep 07, 2004 17:20
I believe that once NV is out, many, if not all, of Alex' other programs might get quite a bit of attention as well from both the resident posters now, and the new people which may probably come then.

So, if there was an option in the poll saying "after NV is released", it would get my vote.
i hate it here!
written by Ginja_ninja on Sep 07, 2004 17:23
I find Avatar dull.
That said I've been playing vRO quite a bit recently.

But seriously I've never liked browser based games that much.
written by Ginrai on Sep 07, 2004 17:26
Stargazer said:
So, if there was an option in the poll saying "after NV is released", it would get my vote.
Yes, I was thinking that 'never' seemed a bit harsh, as if the community grows sufficiently in the future, the number of dedicated Avatar players may increase proportionally.

However, in the absence of an intermediate option between 'upcoming spring' and 'never', I voted for the latter.
written by Buuks on Sep 07, 2004 21:10
I voted for next month, I think I will be playing it soon. It is still nice to play sometimes, but it get so boring very fast. It is only about killing other creatures.
written by Raptorjedi on Sep 08, 2004 01:52
I think thats the main problem with Avatar is its all about killing creatures, there is the riddle function now but thats a minor thing, I think that there should be a way to create automated quests and such things in avatar just to make the game more interesting.
poptart fire!
written by Kalliope on Sep 08, 2004 02:26
I put 'never', but that was because I don't agree with the other categories. My answer should probably be read as 'when it becomes readily accessible and enjoyable by the average potential player'.

My own experiences with Avatar? I came, I saw, I left. Getting killed by NPCs isn't fun.
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