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written by Tubularluggage on Nov 16, 2004 02:29
it would probably become very popular if there was a client for it, the text works, but not knowing whats going on until you update is slightly annoying, i wouldnt mind if it wasnt 3d, as long as it was live. no vote for me since i really dont know.
written by Algebra2 on Nov 16, 2004 03:13
A client? Maybe, but the thing is, most of the software here is geared toward simplicity, and Avatar is simple enough as it is.

Having said that I kinda like the idea... as long as it gave us MS's some good editing tools for once
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written by Yash on Nov 16, 2004 16:31
Yeah, level-making can sometimes get annoying.
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written by Kalliope on Nov 18, 2004 02:44
Getting killed by NPCs over and over is VERY annoying.
written by Tubularluggage on Nov 22, 2004 17:52
even if it used the same graphics i would be very happy if the client was live, this way you could have better situational awareness, i think it would be simpler to do a 2-d client then a 3-d one, but i dont really know.
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written by Dumbum on Nov 23, 2004 15:42
When Avatar3D comes out.
written by Erik500 on Feb 27, 2005 18:08
I chose never since Avatar3D is unlikely and it's super-super-super, EMPHASIZE SUPER boring right now. Of course Noctis5 is on everyone's mind preventing a full understanding or even new players! Therefore if there was an option related to the release of Noctis5, as everyone agrees, it'd win the poll!
written by Raptorjedi on Feb 27, 2005 18:18
I don't see how its super-super-super boring, I find it to be very fun if others are playing, and even when people aren't. It doesn't need to be in 3D to be fun. I find avatar to be fun like ADOM is fun. It could use a little work, but while the 3D part looks good, I don't think it should be the only reason people will ever play the game. If you give a chance you will find its really fun.


Personally, I think what gives Avatar its charm and makes it unique from any other MMO is the fact that its font based. Changing it to 3D will take that away. So changing it to 3D would just make it less interesting, less fun, and just like any other MMO out there. At least this way its unique and new.
written by Chad on Feb 27, 2005 18:51
I love the idea of this game. Its only boring because there is a lack of things to do right now.

If the masterspirit's stayed in the game and created a ton of maps to explore maybe you'd play? But its hard right now to make maps quick and easy, it takes time and effort and Of course we can and do get out of hand with items and things. It would be alot better if the masterspirits had a set item list then If they wanted to create a mission based item they would need to consult with the other MS's. So no one player is the strongest and everyone has a equal chance depending on how much they played.

But the game isn't boring, it just need content. And to do that we need alittle more control over items and NPC's. And even a simple scripting language would be usefull if we needed to get deeper into the heart of the game.

But this won't really happen for awile, Since Alex has his main prority, Life. We shouldn't push him to get anything done faster then he want's.

But the game may come back soon, Version 3 should be alot better. And I hope more people will play. Just takes time, and we should respect Alex for taking time to do these things.
written by Flubberix on Apr 28, 2005 08:59
Erik500 said:
I chose never since Avatar3D is unlikely and it's super-super-super, EMPHASIZE SUPER boring right now
In my point of view , classical MMORPG are even boring duw to the lack of imagination. After playing some Warcraft or other similar games, don't you get EMHASIZE SUPER BORED of the same graphics, maps, and so on?
I think that Avatar should be reconsidered.
written by Cryoburner on Apr 28, 2005 11:15
I was just playing Avatar for a bit yesterday. I managed to get trapped in a heavy net, where my long-survived black dragon was killed by a silver one. I then attempted to lure it away with my albine lynx to salvage a few items, but he managed to get trapped in the net as well, and apparently the dragon wasn't far enough away, as he then trampled me. : (

Anyway, I agree that Avatar tends to be more interesting when others are around. Unfortunately, there currently aren't enough players to have a reasonable gathering in there at any given time. During those times when Alex was actively adding to the game, it was much more likely that multiple people would be in there at once. If you saw something that could use improvement, there was also a fair chance that Alex would look into it. He hasn't been around as much during the last year though, and is busy with larger projects, so Avatar has not seen recent updates.

I would find it likely that some future incarnation of Avatar may become relatively popular with a steady user base, but it's difficult to make any estimate of when that might be. As I mentioned in the Future Avatar Ideas thread, I feel a 2D graphical client would work much better than a first-person 3D one, and could remain fully compatible with the web based client as well, if desired.

However, it might be best just to consider it a 'sequel', and allow for other much needed features, such as the ability to move seemlessly across the world between sectors, that would only work properly in a standalone client. Even more so than with Noctis, the 'invisible walls' in avatar are downright annoying. Imagine Avatar where you could travel across an entire planet. Much like the worlds of Noctis, those in Avatar could be fully seed-based outside the areas where Masterspirits have already shaped the terrain. The actual terrain for most areas would be fully generated on the fly by the client application, greatly reducing server load. Both quasi-random, and MS-made caves could cover vast networks underdround, and portals could allow access to the far reaches of the continent, or even contain the seeds and attributes to access completely new worlds, with their own unique visuals.

Masterspirits could add ruined cities and temples in remote locations with no direct portals leading to them, providing pleasant surprises for explorers who manage to discover these lost treasures on their own. Obscure treasure maps with vague directions could hint at the general location of lost cities containing powerful items. Libraries could exist as well, where anyone could publish their own tales related to the world, or provide others with detailed logs of their journeys.

This is the future of Avatar as I see it. One where explorers can travel to beautiful distant lands never before seen, uncovering ancient ruins and thriving npc-filled cities for the first time, or just spending their time battling against creatures alongside their friends. Take the best elements from every game genre, and allow players to do as they wish. It would truly be a game with wide appeal that everyone could enjoy. With the help of a group of developers, this Avatar could be created within a reasonable time frame, and without too much burden placed upon a single individual. With proper cooperation, planning, and attention to detail, it could rival the best titles ever made.
written by Raptorjedi on Apr 28, 2005 13:34
I think one of the biggest things that needs changing is the way maps are made, but we have been over this before
written by Chad on Apr 28, 2005 23:08
Yes it takes to long to create even a small map. Its to diffucult to make a good map in a short period of time.

With a Offline Map maker it might be easier, and the abilty to see the whole map at once, instead of what a player can see at once.

But since no one here really know PHP, and alex seems to pick up new things like a virus, we will have to wait till he comes back. And see if he is willing to make it better and easier. After NV and LINO of course.
written by Stellanaut on Apr 28, 2005 23:53
I like 3d and client based ideas, but that's just my opinion

I don't play avatar for its 2d webgame properties at all.
written by Cryoburner on Apr 29, 2005 05:51
A standalone client could have editing capabilities directly built in. Masterspirits could access an iconic catalogue of objects sorted into subgroups for trees, walkways, ruins and the like. When they find what they are looking for, one can simply click on the item, and then click the desired location on the screen to place it. A normal player's inventory could operate the same way, but would be limited to those items which they are carrying. Masterspirits who create new items could store them in their own private inventory, or add them to the master catalogue for others to distribute.
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