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written by Premier on Apr 29, 2005 22:43
Chad said:
But this won't really happen for awile, Since Alex has his main prority, Life.
Sorry, what's this Life project exactly? I thought the plan was to get Postline fixed, then finish Noctis 5. "Life" would come AFTER that, no?
written by Stellanaut on Apr 29, 2005 23:06
Actually, he started his life project years ago, the entirety of lino and noctis are part of his life project
written by Cryoburner on Apr 30, 2005 00:27
Actually, Alex's Life is going to be included in the next Lino package, complete with source code. : D

Alex, August 19, 2004 said:
11:16, Alex> and wait to see LinoLife : D
11:17, Alex> Conway's Life implementation, in the ultra-fast style of Lino... with upto 1600x1200 pixels as cells evolving in real time
11:17, Alex> it has a crapload of options and can import .LIF files from the internet's archives.
I believe Alex was mostly finished with his Life last summer, so I wouldn't consider it a priority anymore, and hardly his "main priority". : P
written by Chad on Apr 30, 2005 19:17
/me shakes his head....

People! Live your life before your life becomes nothing... or something...

But I would like to avatar expand more. It would be nice to have alittle more support for it of course. People that played it got bored, because the lack of options the MS's had. And the fact no one can be on it 24/7 to give players something to do...
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. /../When will avatar be popular.../ 123
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