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written by Skinnymon on Nov 21, 2004 03:52
This is for those of you who, trying to start a rousing round of Noctis IV (or I-III, for that matter) on Windoze XP, and get the good old error message:

"Foolish human, what are you doing running a DOS program on my wonderful Windows XP(r)? Don't you realize that all your OS are belong to us??? Sincerely, Bill Gates"

OOPS! Wrong error message... OK, it is:

[path to Noctis]
c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate application.

[You see two buttons that say "Close" and "Ignore", but either terminates the program- why this is, ask M$]

And so, here is the solution I learned:

A Find your magic XP installation disc and insert it where your CD drive is.

B. Click the START button on your Windows lower bar.

C. Click RUN. [enter]

D. Type in "cmd" [enter] {a strange, mystic, DOS-like screen appears, do not be afraid}

E. When the black DOS-Like (even though DOS don't exist anymore, right?) screen comes up, type this:

F. expand f:\i386\autoexec.nt_ c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt [Press Enter]

G. PLEASE NOTE: that f:\ is my CD drive, use your OWN CD drive designation, and similarily c:\ is my hard drive. And PLEASE NOTE the underline after autoexec.nt_ That's 'cause it's a condensed file.

After doing this you will get info saying "expanded to 96%" You can now run Noctis IV. Noctis V, I'll believe it when rabbits fly!!!!!

(* I discovered this after trying to launch a Windows 16 bit application, and since it mentioned MS-DOS, I switched to Noctis IV [Yes, it is an icon on my desktop!] and discovered the error affected it also. {OK, the 16 bit application was CorelDraw 5 , but I like it for the way it handles fonts. OK? If it don't meet your approval, then sosiouxme!)}

FYI: The same cure works for "config.nt" and "command.com" errors. Just substitute config.nt_ or command.co_ (note .co_).
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written by Shadowlord on Nov 21, 2004 16:52
<simulated question>OH NO MY COMPUTER DIDN'T COME WITH AN XP CD IS IT ON MY RECOVERY CD?!!!</simulated question>

P.S. Mine came with a ... recovery partition, and that's it. O_o
written by Shadowclaw on Nov 21, 2004 17:03
A lot of OEM machines come with recovery partitions, and ometimes floppies to boot to that partition.

All the partition really does is format the drive, and restore files from an archive or hard drive image.

It's one way of locking people in, so that they never change anything.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Nov 21, 2004 17:07
Did I mention I haven't installed Gentoo on my computer because I think the recovery partition would nuke Gentoo if I ever had to use said recovery partition? And because I don't have any other computers with enough HD space to back all my stuff up on, and because I worry that the parition tools for NTFS will screw it up. Mmmm. Of course, I've had it for about a year now, so said partition tools are probably more tested and such than when I first looked at them.
written by Shadowclaw on Nov 21, 2004 17:08
That's what recovery partitions do: wipe everything and return the hard drive to the condition it was in when it left the factory.

And an hour after it's used the machine shuts down due to some virus...
written by Nightwish on Dec 03, 2004 20:47
WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY!??...are the people on this site so WIERD? they saying that it CAN be a problem whit the "autoexec.nt" file!,

WHY NOT UPLOAD IT TO THE SITE IN ZIP FORMAT????????????????????????????????????
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written by Pomelos on Dec 03, 2004 20:51
Nightwish said:
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 03, 2004 21:01
Nightwish, do that again and see what happens! Go ahead. Skinnymon was just joking around, AND he's an admin who acts first, asks later.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 03, 2004 21:13
Nightwish said:
[Censored]!!! [Why] are the people on this site so [weird]? [They are] saying that it CAN be a problem [with] the "autoexec.nt" file!, [so]

Are you out of your ever-loving mind? It's a file that comes with Windows. We don't have the right to distribute it - Some else (Microsoft? The computer manufacturer? Hmm.) holds the copyright on it, so it would be illegal for us to distribute it (but not to make our own from scratch, but what's the point in that when the original works fine?). Also, it might be customized for each computer, etc.

P.S. Your attitude leaves something to be desired.
written by Ginrai on Dec 03, 2004 21:20
Nightwish said:
Overwriting your autoexec.nt file with one downloaded randomly from the net isn't such a hot idea. It could make config changes that might not suit your system. That's why you're better off following Skinnymon's advice and grabbing an extended version of the file from your recovery CD.
written by Nightwish on Dec 03, 2004 22:15
I DO NOT HAVE ANY RECOVERY-CD!!, the windows version i running is XP!
written by Shadowclaw on Dec 03, 2004 22:20
Nightwish said:
I DO NOT HAVE ANY RECOVERY-CD!!, the windows version i running is XP!
There's no need to shout, we're less than a light-second away, you know.
written by Stargazer on Dec 03, 2004 22:22

Please calm down, turn off the caps-lock, and try to cut down on the exclamation points. Your post comes through in a rather hostile and annoying tone, so I would like to suggest you tone them down a little.
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 04, 2004 00:29
Caps lock again and I kick for 24 hours next time I see you. Its not hard to write normal. We don't even know what the hell your problem is because you aren't even being clear.
written by Nightwish on Dec 04, 2004 09:37
I didnīt mean to overwrite the an already existing file!

I did mean that all people that NOT HAVE THAT FILE would be able to download it!
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