. /../Windoze Autoexec.nt.../ 123
written by Nightwish on Dec 04, 2004 09:47
OK, but when i find that file i will upload it to an site for them who NOT HAVE that file to download it!
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 04, 2004 10:13
You won't upload it, because I will delete it. And learn to use the edit button.

Edit, and I bet you anything that you DO have it, and you just have no clue what you are talking about in this thread.
written by Nightwish on Dec 04, 2004 10:46
No!, my recovery CD´s gone, i dont know where..but its GONE...

And i will not upload it to this site if i find it!, i would upload it to an freewebs site and then give the URL to all neders of it....
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written by Pomelos on Dec 04, 2004 11:08
So, if I'm not mistaken and if I understood what you meant, you wanted that file (whatever.nt) to be uploaded there, so that people can see by themselves if it does anything. Am I right? I fear that I'm not...

As for you recovery CD, I can understand that it's gone. I've always had problems with my own cds. My dog used to eat a lot of them. Some others were lost in various fires, buggleries or tidal floods. Now that I remember, many of my own homework ended up the same way, back in my school days. And my grandmother died four times, too.
written by Nightwish on Dec 04, 2004 11:53
youré right...at most at all, it not so much people where im live that have that file...

all of them neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it...because they WANT to play Noctis IV, its why i want that file too!

I never had played Noctis IV but i think it is a VERY good game!

OK, im did going to www.gamehippo.com like that im doing all days, i did see that it come a new game called NOCYIS IV i did take a look at the screens and sed: "Crap!" and then i did starting redaing the review of the game...
and when i did see the text: "In this game it´s apears 70 billion stars, and you can get to all of them" HOLY BANANA!!, i downloaded it, it did appear an error that i dont have the file "Autoexec.nt", i did go the homepage looked at the forums readed what the problem was, i did NOT find my recovery CD...and npw we´re here!
written by Megagun mk. ii on Dec 04, 2004 11:57
If you don't have the file, you probably won't be able to run your OS at all...
written by Ginrai on Dec 04, 2004 12:08
Autoexec.nt is essentially a batch file to initialize the MS-DOS environment, so I don't think lacking the file would cause Windows itself too many problems (although 16-bit or DOS-based programs such as Noctis may suffer as a consequence).

Anyway, since my autoexec.nt file contains instructions specific to my machine's setup, sharing this file with someone else is likely to give them any benefit.
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written by Lkraider on Dec 04, 2004 16:36
Oh, for heavens sake...

Here, make an autoexec.nt file with these lines, if you need it:
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx
And for config.nt:
dos=high, umb
This is a very generic setup, and in no way optimized, etc. Only use this if you don't already have those files.

You can also try using the Nocits bootdisk if you can't run it under windows.
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written by Shadowlord on Dec 04, 2004 16:48
Yes! Yes! NoctisOnAFloppy!
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 04, 2004 17:21
Ginrai, I don't think he understands that he can't get a copy of it from anyone else because of that. And just so we know, I won't allow linking to such a file either, just to avoid any problems that might come up.
written by Nightwish on Dec 05, 2004 11:20
SORRY!, for my stupid posts on this thread...i did found the file on my OLD computer (windows 98 and 16 colors) and sebded to my NEW computer and it WORKED!!

thanks to all here that have tried to help me!!!
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written by Skinnymon on Dec 10, 2004 22:48
Sorry there seems to have been a bit of discord. I only meant this as a "hopefully helpful hint", for one problem I have heard mentioned about WinXP. Myself, I don't have a recovery disc. I use my installation disc. And it worked.

(Oh, and LK, I also found out about that method you mentioned, but I went for Keep It Simple [because Skinny is] Stupid.)
written by P8ntballwizzard on Dec 22, 2004 19:00
a much simpler approach would be just to copy the autoexec.nt from your c:/windows/repair folder into the c:/windows/system32 folder. at least thats what i do on my machine. :shrugs and goes back to my corner of HL2 mod-making self-induced insanity:

written by Sunfire on Dec 22, 2004 20:32
"a much simpler approach would be just to copy the autoexec.nt from... "

I was just going to write that.
written by Cajun_mechwarrior on Dec 23, 2004 04:33
I did that and got a message that said no destination for E:\i386\autoexec.nt_c:\system23\autoexec.nt
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