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written by P8ntballwizzard on Dec 23, 2004 15:15
hmmm, very strange indeed... i've never even seen a message like that. i know i have to copy my autoexec back into my sys32 folder about every time my computer gets a inferiority complex and kills said autoexec.nt? which seems to be about once a week? i dunno, maybe its every time steam updates? I know its at least everytime i install something.

written by Ginrai on Dec 23, 2004 15:28
Cajun_mechwarrior said:
I did that and got a message that said no destination for E:\i386\autoexec.nt_c:\system23\autoexec.nt
It looks to me like you are trying to move the file to a destination folder that doesn't exist.

The file should be copied to:

You are currently trying to extract the file to:

Edit: And also remove the underscore _.
written by Primus diddy on Apr 18, 2005 00:15
Hi, I'm new here in case anyone's interested. Okay well here's my problem: when I follow the instuctions above I get the message "the system cannot find the path specified". I know this is probly a simple problem with a simple solution but I don't know anything about software. How can I make it so it works?

written by Airconditioning on Apr 18, 2005 05:01
What was the last command you typed before getting that error message?
written by Thornex on Jul 08, 2005 10:39
Yea.Me too.... When I tried to re-install back Noctis and run it, it comes back with the same answer again,again again again... So please help us,all the techies out there!
written by Stellanaut on Jul 08, 2005 16:05
Did you unzip without paths? If everything's in one folder then you did; it needs to be unzipped with paths.
written by Azuraun on Feb 16, 2006 18:34
because some people may experience this problem, sometimes a config.nt error message will pop up if if its not installed here: [yourdrivehere]/program files/noctis This happened to me once and i couldn figure out why noctis wasnt working for 2 days...
written by Webmobster on Feb 16, 2006 19:35
This should solve your problems
there was theis progam i got which had the same problem and this file came with it.
It should fix it.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Feb 16, 2006 21:12
NICE uses its own autoexec.nt and confic.nt, and Azuraun, possibly it was having trouble reading them from whatever path you had NICE in? (What was the path they were in when they didn't work, by the way?)

And Webmonster: I don't see a license file in that zip anywhere, or a readme, or anything, so I'm guessing that you're violating the copyright of the author of that program by posting it here, and you should remove it and instead link to their website. (But I didn't run the program, so if there's a license which is shown when you run it, I didn't see it)

Also I'd be a little suspicious of random programs posted by random people with no readme file, or any links to the website of whoever made it, etc.
written by Azuraun on Feb 16, 2006 22:26
it was installed in:
C:\Documents and Settings\Azuraun\My Documents\Noctis

im not sure why it matters where its installed, but apparently it does.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Feb 19, 2006 05:18
If the path is too long it wouldn't be able to stick the path to the autoexec and config files in the PIF, but Go is supposed to tell you if that's the case. I don't know why you would get that error from windows - Go should be telling you the path is too long if it really is. Hmm.

The limit is 64 characters. That path is 53, but it'd need 19 more for "modules\autoexec.nt" - Hmm, actually the checks look like they might screw up around 64 characters, but you've got way more. It should need 21 to include a leading \ and a NULL terminator, but I'm not sure the NULL is strictly necessary.

72 is way too long though, and Go should have said "Sorry, the path is too long, so we can't set up the optimized PIF files!"

P.S. There isn't much I can do about this, since the path length limit is a hardcoded limitation in the PIF file format. Hm, although I could move autoexec.nt and config.nt into the noctis folder (out of modules), which would save 8 characters - which probably wouldn't have been enough to make it work for you anyways.

Edit #2: I'm assuming, of course, that you didn't get that error message (which I think is about as clear as it could be) and then try to play anyways. Even if the error isn't clear, it's elaborated on in troubleshooting.txt. Probably I shouldn't assume this, since we occasionally have people post here to say "Hey it says the path is too long and I need to put it somewhere with a shorter path - what does that mean?" ... Can anyone come up with a simpler way to explain the problem and solution? Maybe it would help. Maybe people don't understand what path means, or path length, hmm...
written by Charlie-dope on Nov 26, 2007 20:48
hey everbody! i just downloaded it and when i tried to run it, i got a message about autoexec.nt ...
what could this mean? i read through this forum thread and i'm still lost because i am using widows 2000 and its still not working... any help would be greatly appreciated!
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