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written by Ees33 on May 12, 2005 00:14
Stellanaut said:
I have a suggestion: make felysian planets much more rare, but add a chance that a non-fely. planet will have life. (who says life has to be carbon based? )
1. Messing around with the code that generates the star systems might cause the disappearance of the planets with ruins on them (or are those systems planet types/positions hardwired? Could they be hardwired before this change? Or would that push over the 640 kb limit?)

2. Having life on non-felisian planets would be interesting, but it should be rare (maybe 1 out of 300 non-felisian planets would have some sort of life).
written by Mr.fop on May 12, 2005 16:34
Can't be arsed to read all of this...

You fixed an 'endless lightning' bug, but I'd love to see a furiously stormy planet
written by Eldris giac on May 18, 2005 18:02
How about this. When typying in the GOES menu, if you move back and accidentally stop typing in the GOES screen but are hitting commands on your ship, you can set the target to some other star in such a way that you can no longer select local targets and the option says "need recal" when you select it. You have to jump to another system then jump back in order to select a local target.
written by Stellanaut on May 18, 2005 23:10
That's why you should be hands-off with the mouse while you're typing, and also selecting the star you're already at is another option.
written by Stellanaut on Jun 15, 2005 04:33
Sorry for double post, but this calls for a bump.

A suggestion: unbound flight

It's the most awaited feature of NV for me.

Essentially, instead of only giving the option for "target-and-fly" navigation, dynamic user input could be used to determine the ships' trajectory. This would make it so I could cruise instead of zipping around, and having directly user-defined and dynamic flight path. (instead of going "over there" I can go "out that way")
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Jun 15, 2005 12:56
problem is, that you can't get "above" a planet, still.. (because of the way planets are drawn: they're not really 3d!!!)

So you'd only be able to move in a "horizontal" matter only, unless the planet display code is rewritten...
written by Stellanaut on Jun 15, 2005 16:04
I know planets aren't 3d, it uses a "billboard" teqnique right?
written by Wanderer on Jun 25, 2005 03:34
I know this is off-topic, but how does one post ones' sceanic pictures one has taken?
written by Stellanaut on Jun 25, 2005 15:33
written by Wanderer on Jun 25, 2005 21:40
I really hope I'm not being irritating, but where would one post said sceanic pictures?
written by Naavis on Jun 25, 2005 21:56
Wanderer said:
I really hope I'm not being irritating, but where would one post said sceanic pictures?
At the bottom of the page there's a button labeled "CD". That's the community disk, also known as C-Disk. Click on the button, and you should be able to upload the pictures. Then you can link to the picture using the syntax Stellanaut just stated.
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Jun 25, 2005 22:00
Step by step stuff...

1) convert the .bmp (screenshot) to a .gif (using image editing software.. "Irfanview" is great for converting!)
2) upload the .gif on the C-disk (look below, next to "new" it says "cd".. Click that and upload your file there..
3) create a thread, or reply somewhere, and add this to the text message:
In other words, if you decided to upload an image by the name of "testimage" (a GIF), you'd get ths:
written by Mcvarga on Jun 26, 2005 11:43
Right... A bug(?) in NICE.
If i turn on local planets finder in an unchartered system there are some problems with the label count. For example "-1 labeled out of 6".
Porblems also occur if all planets in the system are labelled: " 7 labelled out of 6"
Anyone noticed this before or its just me?
written by Wanderer on Jun 27, 2005 00:22
Wasn't that supposed to be fixed?
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jun 27, 2005 00:29

Edit: Found the problem. Unlabelled systems were showing up as having -1 planets because the shiny new planets_labelled function returned -1 instead of 0 when its parameter was -1.

More technically, planet_labelled has to be given the file-position (in the starmap file) of the system to look for labelled planets belong to it. Unlabelled systems don't have a file-position, so the code which called planets_labelled was passing it -1 instead. planets_labelled returned -1 instead of 0 in that case, so I just had to fix that.

Looking into the Q-shows-not-enough-moons bug now.
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