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written by Buuks on Sep 02, 2005 16:38
You can earn gold in NICE, so you can buy slave-hoppers. And a lot of upgrades to pimp your drifter.
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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 01:06
Ataribaby said:
Bug where set near target menu still picking stars about 9000+ Ly far instead local nearby stars is still present in R9b
Found the problem now, and it's fixed for the next version (9c).

Here's a long description of the problem and fix for anyone who's curious:
It was pretty simple. The target-collecting code in NIV used the 'isthere' function to get the coordinates for the systems. For R9, I had rewritten the code to make it work with starmap3, so I had it using 'isthere3' instead of 'isthere'. 'isthere3' doesn't need to do a search to find stars, and if the star is in the starmap, it gets the coordinates for it instantaneously no matter where the star is in the galaxy. 'isthere', on the other hand, only finds stars that're nearby because searching the whole galaxy (with the old starmap) would take aeons. So the problem was, the target-collecting code relied on the fact that 'isthere' didn't work on faraway stars - whereas 'isthere3' did work on faraway stars.
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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 16:28
R9c: (You can get it here: )

  • Critter 0 has come out of hiding. It's fairly rare, and not on many planets, but it's out there now. (It was added in R9 but wasn't actually being placed on any worlds before, due to a bug)
  • The compass now has a medium-sized dot for NW/NE/SW/SE (smaller than the ones for N/E/S/W, larger than the other dots).
  • The HUD lights now brighten/darken (depending on your HUD brightness) when the following things happen:
    • (surface) you use the Jetpack (hit space)
    • (space) the GOES gets forcefully updated (by a windows-app, such as HacIRC).
    • However, for #2 it works a bit different.. Whereas the lights only turn on/off when you hold the space key on the surface, the lights will *stay* on/off in space, until you look at the GOES output screen (letting the light that is above it turn on)... This makes HacIRC-ing even easier! You don't have to regularly check the output screen to see if anyone said something!
  • Fixed the nearby-targets-finder, which was finding stars that were very far away.
written by Stellanaut on Sep 03, 2005 17:16
Looks like it has a problem with me using windows media player with webradio in the background

It pauses. A lot. Then it crashes
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written by Megagun on Sep 03, 2005 17:24
SL (and somewhat I) is/are trying to fix it, Ozoch has the same problem.. Join IRC if you want to to debug it and get it out of here.... though I don't guess it'd be something on your side only.. I can't check. Slow PC...
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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 17:25
Ozoch's getting some pretty bad slowdowns with R9c (on planets, not in space) - he said R9b has no problems though.

It's rather surprising that it could be that much slower, considering how little has changed (and nothing which looks like it could cause major slowdowns). But hmm... Yeah, we're trying to find the problem.
written by Stellanaut on Sep 03, 2005 17:28
It seems to happen whenever my system does this internet thing, i dont know what it is, but it has to do with the web, and I thought it was linked with my webradio. I might be completely wrong but its what i gather.

edit: my dad wont let me use irc clients on the computer, sry
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written by Megagun on Sep 03, 2005 17:37
... Why not?

That's evil. It really is... I can understand why someone would disallow the use of MSN Messenger, but IRC? Bah...
written by Aloshi on Sep 03, 2005 17:51
I can't either.
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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 18:03
Their parents probably heard stories on the news about how pedophiles use "chat rooms" to try to seduce kids and similarly evil things.

If it'll keep kids from being abducted, that's obviously a good thing, but blanket banning all kinds of "chat rooms" is a rather extreme measure.

But of course this is just a guess based on the FUD I've seen on the news and so forth.
written by Aloshi on Sep 03, 2005 18:06
At least I can use frespych, but I don't know why I can't use IRC.
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written by Megagun on Sep 03, 2005 18:07
Yeah, and the big problem is, that those parents themselves don't even do proper research. It's like if I say that if watching TV is deadly because of <insertrandombullshitradiationhere>, they'll just intstantaneously believe it, and forbid their children from watching TV.. >_<

People, and especially parents should know the power and un-power of computers before doing stuff like that....
written by Raptorjedi on Sep 03, 2005 18:12
My parents know next to nothing about computers, I'm not even sure they know what mIRC does, though they see me use it everyday. My mom sits there and asks me if I'm playing World of Warcraft for every game I play, even if its something like Master of Orion 3 or Freeciv. I could say "Yeah" and she would be like "Oh cool."
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written by Megagun on Sep 03, 2005 18:18
Mine don't know anything about it either.. well.. they use it a pretty lot (browsing the internet mainly), but since I had to teach them everything.... They don't care whatever I do with it.. They know I'm not doing anything wrong really..
written by Aloshi on Sep 03, 2005 18:21
Completly opposite problem.
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