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written by Shadowclaw on Dec 28, 2004 22:03
Who do you think I am? Gazer?
who needs titles?
written by Pomelos on Dec 28, 2004 22:18
I could have said you're a human being, living among other human being and taking care not being a complete social retard, but, hey, I'm not you.
there's science to be done!
written by Yash on Dec 29, 2004 18:22
Ask Megagun nicely? HA! I mean... whatever..
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Dec 29, 2004 20:03
Okay.. I've made a little update..

That's an update (note the u after r3) which means that you've got to extract/MERGE (MERGE it if you've made changes!) it with your current source!

To get the build (an update, which means you've got to extract it over an existing copy of Noctis):

Additions are:
Navigational help: Pointers!
Basically, they're icons you can set on or off, which show you various locations.. Here's a little help on pointers:

I've also fixed Hactis, to prevent a certain bug found by L4.. However, I'm not sure if it's fixed yet (because of me using a slooooooow PC where Noctis runs like shit), so.. Uploading that later..

Have fun!

edit: forgot to mention that you can find them in the extended menu, under "Navigational Help"... Thanks to Pomelos for mentioning this..
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there's science to be done!
written by Yash on Dec 29, 2004 20:54
And the BFG? Is that fully implemented yet?
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written by Megagun on Dec 29, 2004 20:57
Naahhh.. Having problems with the damage cone, and calculating damage done on a creature/other player..
electronic engineer!
written by Leniad on Dec 31, 2004 03:46
I can't seem to activate the light scaling... i think it's because my spanish keyboard is having problems with the tilde char. Even changing it to US in windows won't help. Could you change the key to another one in the next version?

Edit: BTW, I already told you on IRC, but great job! Keep it up!
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written by Megagun on Dec 31, 2004 19:14
There, Leniad.. I changed Lightscaling to / and SHIFT-/..

Also, I uploaded a new version!

Changes include:
new help/about screen (hit F1).
fixed the jumping bug that caused you to slowdown.
added JETPACK (hit space).
fixed Landing key (hit L, it will work better now).

And more stuff I probably forgot..

Anyways, you can grab the bin here:
(just extract it over your existing installation).

To get the source:
even if that only includes ShadowLord..

Have fun everyone! And make sure you don't jetpack yourself out of the orbit!

Oh.. yeah.. And it really IS fun to jump over a very damn steep cliff!

edit: sorry, made a mistake.. Please redownload it if you've downloaded r4 (not r4b) before..
written by Ginrai on Dec 31, 2004 19:51
List o' fixes said:
# Pressing 'set local target' makes the screen shake if there are no planets in the system.
NIV no longer shakes the screen or prompts for a planet if none exist; Instead, it responds with "NO PLANETS".
At some point in the merge, this bug seems to have crept back in. I just tried to set local target near an S06 and it was pretty much shake city.
written by Sl on Dec 31, 2004 20:00
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Dec 31, 2004 20:10
Ooops! Added the earthquake in space!!
just kidding..

For people which think their jetpack aint working: try jumping first.. It gives the jetpack a little kickstart..

Oh, and because I messed something up, the first planet (thick atmosphere) of ylastravenya temporarily harbours the Suricrasian Cube at 18:60! Go there now before it's gone!

yes, that will be fixed in the next release
written by Mr.fop on Dec 31, 2004 23:50
Wow... This really is interesting... Haven't even tried it yet, had to read this whole thread first

Now, someone mentioned sectors seeming identical when going over the boundaries. I'm writing this as I remember it, I haven't played NIV in months.

What put me off NIV was that every Felisian world's topography seemed to be identical (perhaps a bug fixed now). I checked a whole buttload of planets when I noticed that and at the same time I noticed this:
When moving horizontally on the map (west-east) from sector to sector (or surface -> ship -> another sector), each sector was different. However, when moving vertically
they weren't always so... I'll demonstrate:

When crossing a red line, you'd get a new, unique sector. However, the red lines are a lot more sparse when moving vertically.

So I think this is a NIV issue, not an issue with your new code. I hope I helped (and didn't give false info to lead you off track). Now, I'll actually download and try this

PS: It'd be nice to have a list of all new buttons that do stuff. How do I jump?
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Jan 01, 2005 00:30
Hit F1 while being inside the SD, and voila! A keylist!

And you jump with the J key.
written by Sl on Jan 01, 2005 00:57
I thought they were looking similar when I moved to a sector directly west or east of the current one. Either I got longitude and latitude mixed up (which is likely) or you were misled by the compass being woefully inaccurate.

More investigation will clear the issue up, of course.
written by Sl on Jan 01, 2005 01:21
Sadly, at this time, I can't edit my first post in the thread until Alex kills the Accounts Eater and restores the eaten accounts, so what THAT post says is the latest version is most definitely NOT the latest version.

Here you go:

'Update' version (includes changed EXEs and docs only, must be extracted into an existing Noctis folder): <cd/zips/Sl/fixactis-bin-update-r5a>
Full package except source: <cd/zips/Sl/fixactis-bin-full-r5a>
Source and some source-related docs: <cd/zips/Sl/fixactis-src-r5a>

[May take a few minutes for the downloads to arrive... stupid flood timeout]

Please consider this a beta version (still).

  • Tweaked surface temperature and mass of S01 stars.
  • Changed the "TOO HOT!" (you're not allowed on the roof) check to only trip with temperatures > 50000 kelvin (It was 5000 before). 50000 is really really hot. (I just couldn't bear to delete the feature)
  • Fixed Mega's b0rked and/or un-fixed shortcut keys. For example, his 'set local target' key didn't use the regular 'set local target' code, it used a second copy of the code, which meant that it didn't have my fixes. Now it calls the regular 'set local target' code, the same as if the user had selected it from a menu. I've done the same for the other shortcut keys, so the other fixes apply to those now as well, and future changes to those functions will automatically apply to the shortcut keys too.
  • If you're on the F1 screen, esc will close it (like it closes the remote target data thingy, etc) instead of exiting NIV.
  • Improved the F1 screen, chiefly by giving it a background and such, so it is always readable . Press F1 again to close it, or you can press escape now too.
  • Moved the code for the shortcut keys into the proper places, and made it so that you won't get the help screen when you hit ; etc etc. It wasn't checking if the keys pressed were an extended key or not: F1 is 00 59 (an extended key), whereas ';' is just 59 (not an extended key)..
  • Corrected another incorrect-colors (palette) issue when changing sectors.
  • The HUD-on-roof feature works better now. Especially, you can see the menu-list at the top of the HUD when you're on the roof now.

P.S. Multiplayer is *partially* implemented. Well, it's more like a skeleton of multiplayer. You'll have to turn on the multiplayer option in the extended menu (somewhere in there...), and check the multiplayer checkbox in hacirc, and hacirc needs to be running. The multiplayer stuff is like an ALPHA, okay? Basically right now you can see other people's SDs if they sit still and you're nearby, etc etc.
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