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written by Ginrai on Jan 01, 2005 12:50
Fth said:
Hmmm.... What about different timezones with the multiplayer mode [if it comes to be of course]? Won't one side have afternoon while it's midnight for the other side even though they're in the same sector?
The most straightforward (but hardly the most ideal or practical) workaround would be to simply sync system clocks with whoever you wished to go exploring with.

But yes, some method of time synchronisation is pretty much a must for a multiplayer mode; especially with time-dependant surface features like Suricrasian cubes. Player A could be several metres above Player B, sat atop a cube that only exists in the former's timezone. No amount of Suricrasian catnip could explain that !
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written by Fth on Jan 01, 2005 12:57
I'd settle for a very, very BIG amount of Suricrasion catnip
written by Sl on Jan 01, 2005 15:35
Hmm yeah. Luckily IRC has a /time command, so if Multiplayer is enabled, we could make NIV sync its time with the IRC server's time.

Thanks for pointing that out (about the different time zones), I'd somehow forgotten.

As for the compass, it's not broken, the e/w directions had to be reversed because Alex did something bizarre with the code. Perhaps because he's calculating x,z from -sin,cos instead of x,z from sin,cos or x,z from cos,sin. Or maybe it's because of something else. I don't know.

Specifically, right now, if you move NORTH, your Z decreases. If you move SOUTH, your Z increases. If you move WEST, your X decreases. If you move EAST, your X increases. To reverse the e/w directions so that they're "correct," EAST would have to DECREASE X and WEST would have to INCREASE X - but that's not the case. Go to the landing-sector map in the stardrifter and press the right arrow (to move the landing point EAST one sector), note the X coordinate increases by 1 when you do that.

Something's mirrored or something in the original code; I merely made the compass match the directions. It looks wrong because to do so, I had to change it from n/e/s/w to n/w/s/e.

It almost seems like felisian vision is mirrored horizontally from what we see - e.g. what we would see on our left, they see on their right. That might explain it, but I haven't thought about it long enough to find out if explains it.
written by Mr.fop on Jan 01, 2005 16:48
Soo... what you are saying is that if we used the original compass and moved east from 12.60, we'd end up in 11.60, which is actually west of 12.60?

I suggest coming up with a Felisian alternative compass, because having east and west inverted is just damn confusing.
written by Sl on Jan 01, 2005 17:16
Sadly, no, because the original compass was totally screwed up.

For example, I just loaded up the original Noctis IV, landed on a planet, and moved from in-sector coordinates 0,0 directly in the direction that the compass claims is east. I ended up at -20,31.

But when I fixed the compass, first I made it so that the compass was correctly displaying your facing, but I left it as N/E/S/W. In order to have it display correctly, when you turned right, the compass moved LEFT. I reversed the order of the directions so that it would turn in the same direction you were turning.

But getting back to your question, if turning right made the compass progress N->E->S->W, then if you tried to go east, you would indeed "end up in 11.60, which is actually west of 12.60."
written by Mr.fop on Jan 01, 2005 17:36
I think I'd prefer the compass moving in the wrong direction to what we have now.

It's a shame HacIRC works horribly through Wine (some kind of looping problem, takes 90% of my CPU). I won't be able to test it A linux version would fix this, of course
written by Sl on Jan 01, 2005 19:01
Actually I get 90% CPU on windows too, but IIRC it's supposed to share the CPU with other programs if they want more. Of course I could be misremembering, and I don't have the hacirc source, so I guess you'll have to wait for mega to show up.
written by Mr.fop on Jan 01, 2005 19:49
I suppose it does some sharing, or Noctis' performance would be even more horrible than it is... but it's still horrible, horrible when hacirc is running.
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written by Lightning4 on Jan 01, 2005 23:31
Well if any future version of Noctis is to be multiplayer, I propose that we have a standardized time for Noctis. It could be server time, or even Alex-time...
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written by Shadowlord on Jan 01, 2005 23:36
This'll be synced with the IRC server time if you have multiplayer enabled.

As for NV... Who knows.
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written by Hello! :) on Jan 02, 2005 05:29
Correct me if I'm wrong (I haven't looked at the surface generating code), but... doesn't the surface depend on the planet's/moon's distance (as in planet #/moon #) from the host star, the sector, AND the planets location in space?
So... if the planet has a short orbit time... wouldn't the position of the planet quickly change? Thus people arriving, at different times, to the same spot to still get differing surfaces?
written by Mr.fop on Jan 02, 2005 12:20
No. Planets' surfaces don't change over time while the planet moves in it's orbit.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jan 02, 2005 17:18
I've tested & adjusted the temperatures for S00-S07 now. Some were good already, but others needed adjustment.

I want to get the rest done before I upload a new version. Also I want to get multiplayer times synced...

P.S. Hey Mega, what will ctcp.txt contain for the server's response to a /time command? I'd ask on IRC but you're not really there ("MegadoomRJump") .
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written by Megagun on Jan 02, 2005 18:28
Rocketjumping > all!!


TIME Sunday January 2 2005 -- 18:26:45 +00:00
(but then in capitals)
written by Mr.fop on Jan 02, 2005 22:07
Hey, mega, any chance of a linux version of HacIRC?
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