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written by Airconditioning on Jan 28, 2005 05:32
Shadowlord said:
Current contents of the fixactis-todo said:
Fixes to do:


*) 'No-tree' filter (this should be fairly easy to implement, hopefully)

Did I miss anything?
Maybe not but I think I have - what was the reasoning behind wanting to turn trees off?
written by Dexters on Jan 28, 2005 08:46
Shadowlord said:
Current contents of the fixactis-todo said:
Fixes to do:

*) Change world-generation algorithms and/or seeds so different worlds of identical types don't get identical terrain on the same LQs.
*) The sun isn't visible on some planets, until you take a snapshot ("The 'sun' would sometimes re-appear after I take a screencapture"). On others it is incorrectly sized, until you take a snapshot.
*) Temperatures are wrong even with OLD temperature, at least on some planets. They're too cold for some reason.
*) Improve S08 NEW temperature algorithm, so it takes into account the companion stars.
*) On planets, periodically re-update things (as is done when changing sectors), in order to have real-time movement of the stars and sun.
*) Try to figure out the cause of the faraway-mountainscape changing when lander is in the air on some planets. Not a MAJOR problem, though...

Good ideas:
*) Planets should be (1) cratered and solid and stable, (2) plate tectonics and earthquakes, or (3) lots of volcanos (active "often" but often means every hundred years or so).
*) Add: M key for taking snapshots, N for panoramic snapshots?
*) 'No-tree' filter (this should be fairly easy to implement, hopefully)

Possible ideas (not high-priority, because they're either a lot of work or not very feasable, or both):
*) Air/water chemical composition sampler - would require us to actually determine what air/water contained. We have no idea what's possible right now.
*) Filter that colors objects based on composition and if it is artificial/non artificial
*) Animal tracking filter, which puts brackets around hoppers and birds
2D/3D galaxy map in the drifter? Or maybe draws a sphere of some sort around them?
Did I miss anything?
Wow, that's a nice list SL. My concerns are all address, I'm very happy.

Re: filters, The UV/infrared stuff I'm not sure how useful they are currently. They only seem to change colors as far as i can tell.

Perhaps you can tie in the infrared filter into animal tracking as they generate body heat.

I like the idea of expanding the filters, perhaps some kind of filter like those they have from the mars rovers that allow would be explorers to find different elements in the rocks. Would probably require knowledge of geology or you guys could just totally make things up.

Edit: Just had an idea. Since we can now move between sectors, perhaps a minimap feature would be useful. Perhaps toggled via F3

Nothing fancy, just a box with a dot so we can orient ourselves better (or in my case i need it to orient myself hehe) and can figure out if we want to move up on grid, down on grid, left or right etc.
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who needs titles?
written by Pomelos on Jan 28, 2005 11:30
An idea, for Fixactis, or Hactis, or NICE (how is it called now?): dissociate meshes from code, so that we could have alternate stardrifter models.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jan 28, 2005 16:41
In 6B, the models are (already) no longer contained in the EXE, and are instead in a file in the bin folder. So you could modify them if you wanted to (and if you knew how, heh). IIRC Alex's original compiling instructions (which are included with the source) talk about how to modify them a little.
who needs titles?
written by Pomelos on Jan 28, 2005 18:59
You did that already and didn't tell me about it? Or was it that I didn't pay attention?

Looks like documenting the format could be a nice thing to do, now... (I'm not talking specificaly about you, of course.)
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jan 28, 2005 19:14
I actually did it in 6a, and it was in the list of changes (but I didn't remember and had to look for it in old posts in this thread):
Shadowlord said:
  • Supports.nct is a separate file in the data folder now, instead of being inside the Noctis EXEs. This doesn't reduce conventional memory usage, but does reduce the size of those files (Which might or might not be useful, but the change was painless).
OK, I was wrong, it's in the data folder, not the bin folder. And I couldn't remember the name of the file.
resident naturalist
written by Masre on Jan 28, 2005 22:15
Actaully, sometimes in dense forests the trees get in the way of tracking hoppers and seeing some land contours.

I like the starmap idea, and the screenshot too, and look forward to seeing the animal bracketer (especially useful for naturalists like me... I never go for non-felisian planets) and the sampler.

In my mind, the starmap should be like a holo projectoin, turned ON by pressing, ah, 'S'. Shows all stars (no labels) within, ah, let's say, 80 light years? Arranged in a sphere... with XYZ. Now you move the cursor to a star, and the lable comes out... is it possible to have semi-transparency? Like a real HUD... the environment panels that come out should be translucent... and a star info panel pops out too whean starmap is accessed.

A further refinement will be, ah, being able to find orphan planets, cuz I have one out there somewhere...
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jan 31, 2005 16:11
Weird glitches I've seen in the current build which I've been working on:
1. Sometimes (rarely) the sky will change to bizarre greys which look nothing like a normal sky. (It looks like it contains bands of a various greys) I have no idea right now why this happens, especially since it's apparently random. This'll go away the next time things are updated (every minute now), or when you change sectors.
2. I've seen (once) the colors of trees (and hoppers) become incorrect. They were a pretty blue, instead of the greenish color they should have been. (Exiting and restarting Noctis fixed it)
3. If the sun sets, what you see is the sun instantly vanish, and the sky instantly change. However, I have it fading from the old palette to the new, and THAT looks good (much better than the palette instantly changing). Well, this isn't really a glitch.
4. If I'm moving really really fast with the jetpack and change sectors, sometimes the lander seems to appear in front of me instead of behind.

I'm not sure if I can make the sky transition (Probably not, it would require too much RAM), but I can make the sun set visibly, I think.
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written by Megagun on Jan 31, 2005 17:22
Yeah.. well.. I just added something I quite like: Brightness settings..

What this means for the regular player: hit CTRL + to increase the brightness of the screen.. Bit CTRL - to decrease it. Hit CTRL * to reset it.. Easy, huh?
Some screenshots of this fun:
It displays the far regions of the brigness settings.. IE. the first one displays how it's at it's darkest settings, the second one how it's "default", the third has brightness set to the max..

Also, some screenies of all the vision modes for Fixactis:
Iin order of screenshotnames: Normal, Ultracolour, Infrared, O-Vision, Purplevision.
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Feb 01, 2005 02:31
Changes in R7:
(See the 'Fixactis Releases' thread for the download links)

  • On planets, M now takes a snapshot and N takes a wide snapshot. (* and / still work of course) These're listed in the F1 keys-list now.
  • The F2 page stays open when you change sectors now. The F2 page also says what type of terrain the sector is (e.g. ICY, OCEAN, PLAINS, etc). If you land on a non-felisian planet and forget what type it is, the F2 page will remind you (since those have only the one terrain type).
  • There were a few more variables which weren't being recalculated when changing sectors. Now they are. For instance, albedo, which did affect some other variables later on. Now they're *all* recalculated when changing sectors, and hopefully, that should be everything. (The most noticable effect was that certain sectors could appear to be one terrain type when you flew there from another sector, but became a different type when you loaded a save or landed right there)
  • Overhaled the seeds for planet surfaces. They shouldn't wind up identical anymore. This also means there's more diversity in general in the land and such.
  • Fixed the insanely-low-temperature-on-planets bug. (It was caused by one missing celsius-to-kelvin conversion)
  • I've merged in "Kylekatarn"'s (he needs a new name ) animal-highlighting and invisible-tree/rock/etc code. A few improvements to it have been made: Centering the range text and only drawing background of the necessary width, also, the highlighting is correctly omitted from snapshots now, some fixes to it were made, and there was one stability problem with it that has been corrected.
  • Fixed the invisible or incorrectly sized sun bug. (That occured on planets, and the problem vanished if you took a snapshot)
  • The compiler is no longer being told to use precompiled headers, and this seems to prevent erroneous out of memory messages during compilation. Before, it was using noctis.sym as a precompiled header file, and apparently it had been throwing more and more stuff into it as we added and removed variables and functions, or something. Anyways, it's gone now, not used anymore, and we're better off for it. P.S. I set the makefile to not use precompiled headers after I suddenly and unexpectedly started getting out of memory errors for noctis-0, noctis-1, and noctis, simultaneously, despite that I had only modified noctis-1, and all I had done was *remove* some code. After removing precompiled headers, it suddenly compiled just fine again. Must be because BCC.exe apparently doesn't use extended memory itself.
  • Earthquakes push you around now too (in addition to just shaking your view), and you'll tend to slide down a slope if you're on one. But right now they don't push hoppers around, and probably they should. Right now earthquakes aren't even visible if you're not on the ground, they won't affect you at all.
  • You can see sunrises and sunsets, and see the sun move now. And weather can change while you're playing. This is an option that can be turned off (extended->more options->Moving Sun or 5->7->9). The appropriate things are recalculated every 20-83 seconds, and on some computers that could cause a noticable slowdown, so you might want to have the option turned off unless you're going out to look for a sunrise or something . Note: The colors transition during sunrise/sunset, but the sky seems to change instantly, and the sun vanishes instantly too. I'm going to take a shot at improving those later.
  • Changed "BREAKING" to "BRAKING" since we aren't breaking the drive, we're braking to slow down. Or is it brakeing? I think it's probably the braking, brakeing looks funny. Well, breaking is definitely wrong anyways.
  • Reduced the size of companion stars, because they were too big - In an S08 I was finding companion stars with more than double the radius of the primary star! And you see star info when you look at local info on a companion star now.
  • Companion stars can heat things now, and substellar objects too, and all of them in the system are taken into account when determining the temperature. Planetary substellar objects heat similarly to how S05's heat (S05's are substellar objects too). In other words, "not much" . Lastly, eclipses are checked for *each* star (or substellar object) for temperature - with NEW temperature, that is. Some things aren't affected by this (for instance, the color of your drifter, which seems to be based on distance from the primary star only and whether it is eclipsed). NEW temperature is default now, since my objection to doing that was that it would change the planet-generation algorithms, and, well, we just changed them to fix a bug.
  • The local planets finder report (In menu 2->6) now also tells you the number of companion stars, if there are any in the system. (In previous versions of Noctis, they were counted as planets)
  • Sometimes the lander was appearing in front of you after you crossed a sector boundary. That should be fixed now.
  • The F2 screen has been changed a bit, so you know if you're in Jetpack or Walking mode. (But right now it still says walking when you're in the lander )
  • There're two new vision modes now, oceanvision and plantvision, which take their colors from the water colors or plant colors respectively. At least that's what we THINK they do. The keys for them are O and P.
  • You can adjust the brightness when you're on a planet by using ctrl-plus and ctrl-minus. ctrl-* (asterisk) resets it to the standard brightness.
  • Er, "Changed jetpack a bit.." - whatever that means.

Also I finally changed the text in the F1 page from 'FIXACTIS' to 'NOCTIS IV CE'. P.S. CE means whatever you want it to mean.

I checked the temperatures of some S08s, S09s, and S10s, and was pretty happy with them. S11's seem to be wicked hot, but it's also that their planets are so much closer to them than to other stars, and they'll probably be left as they are (We need at least one uber-hot star type ).
So I've finally checked the temperatures of ALL the star types now (That sure took a while ).
written by Bensel on Feb 01, 2005 03:07
Nice dual animal highlighting mode! What was that one stability problem?
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Feb 01, 2005 03:30
Simply that you had declared a char* something and then wrote to it without actually initializing it. It was probably writing to some random address, which means it was probably overwriting something somewhere else, which could cause hard-to-find glitches later on. (If noctis were a windows program, it would have just crashed when you tried to write to that )

I just declared it differently (char whatever[5];) to have the necessary space and such automatically allocated.

The reason for the problem was that char * is just a pointer to a character (or to a string), and not a "smart" string object (In fact, I don't think Noctis uses classes at all. I don't remember if it even uses structs either... ).

Mind you, I didn't encounter weird glitches and then magically track them down, I read all the code I merge in, and that kind of thing is just one of those things that immediately stands out as a Very Bad Thing if you've been working with c or c++ for years.
written by Dexters on Feb 01, 2005 08:26
Hey SL,

I just loaded up the new release.

Fantastic stuff. Let me say again what a great project you are doing and how it has energized so many fans of this game.

If I may, I'd like to bring up a potential bug.

. Seem like the planetary surface palettes have changed permanently. I revisted the same co-ordinate again and noted everything was a green hue.

I appears all tiles are affected. Importing the surface file into the original noctis, I also noted differences in the palette of ocean tiles.
cd/pngs/Dexters/surfaceorig (36 Kb)

cd/pngs/Dexters/surfaceb (22 Kb)

This may have had something to do with the fix to eleminite surface duplication, or it could be a bug. I don't believe any filters were turned on, as I've gone through them to check.

You can probably test this yourself quickly by loading up a game in the new release and comparing the same surface location on an older release.
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written by Megagun on Feb 01, 2005 14:30
Okay.. I was just wandering around.. When a star-refresh happened..

cd/zips/Megagun/weirdstuff (55 Kb)

first two screenies are what happened, the other two are what happened after a restart of NICE..

Looks like some palette weirdness?

edit: for some weird reason, hitting "*" (asterisk, snapshot..) will make Noctis pause for about 1.5 seconds.. Hitting "m" will pause it for about 0.2 seconds (just like with Noctis)... I don't know if any of you changed anything with the snapshot code?

edit 2: It seems to be rather random, and the "m" key seems to be affected, too.. I think I've just got to blame the massive ammount of screenshots I have.. Let me do another test when I have em removed..

edit 3: Yup.. That was it.. After I removed em all it went way more fluently!
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absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Feb 01, 2005 16:33
Dexters: It looks like the palettes should be the same, but sectors are likely to not be the same type of terrain as in the original noctis, and that might cause the palette to be different. Also, maybe raininess affects it (and that is determined differently now). However, maybe it is a bug.

Mega: Interesting. I've seen the sky go all bizarre before (with bars of greys), but haven't managed to find the cause yet. It could be that what you saw is caused by the same thing, whatever that is. It probably paused so long because it had to try to open oodles of files to figure out how many you have. Perhaps we could make it record the number of pictures taken in current.bin, but still have it check for newer pictures than that, in case someone reverted to a backup current.bin or something. That should speed it up.

P.S. This laptop here won't even run NICE - It's saying it executed an illegal instruction or something. Perhaps it's something in SP2. If I can track down the cause of the exception, that would be good - it's probably something writing into some part of the memory that it shouldn't be, and potentially causing weird glitches . (Found it, and alas, all it was was that c:\noctis didn't exist and I had forgotten about the DebugPrintf statements in a few places, which were trying to write to a log-file in c:\noctis. I'll upload a new version which doesn't do that in a while (it should be faster too, heh) )
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