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written by Cryoburner on Feb 28, 2005 00:11
I don't see a reason to restart a thread when it gets long, so long as it's still on topic. After all, you might notice that this forum has a search feature (the 'find' button at the bottom left), that can often be used rather than being forced to flip through every page of the thread for an answer. Also, if it hasn't been asked recently, most people shouldn't mind answering it again. : )
written by Erik500 on Mar 01, 2005 02:12
ok ok stop with that. Anyways I was wondering... I got the latest version of NICE and checked the options. It has most of what Fixactis/Hactis has. I also saw a new button labeled "multiplayer". It has a footnote that says "this feature may not work yet but its on blah blah". What's that all about? Will it really be multiplayer? Does it work? If so will there be chat? Can you follow other craft? Can you see the other felisians on planet surfaces? I'm veering a little... So just answer the original question: What's that all about?

:cheer Im excited! WEE!
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written by Shadowlord on Mar 01, 2005 02:22
If you start Hacirc and run NICE while hacirc is open, you'll be able to chat through the GOES menu. That doesn't require the multiplayer option.

The multiplayer option is supposed to let you see other people's SDs if they're nearby. That didn't work when we tested it, and was also tricky to set up, thus the disclaimer. People kept turning it on and asking why they were getting INVALID XCMD and stuff. It hasn't been worked on recently (we're focusing on other things instead, such as, for instance, new kinds of critters, oh, and other single-player enhancements). We had planned to let you follow other people's SDs, but that's not implemented since seeing them doesn't work yet, etc. As for seeing other felisians on surfaces, heh, that's far away, if it ever gets implemented (And it'd be pretty hard to come up with a decent felisian model that compares to the sketches of felisians that we've seen, etc).

One reason for not working on multiplayer is that it would need a lot of RAM for code that could be used for other purposes. It may get removed entirely (though the source code would just be commented out to it, so it could, in theory, be worked on again later) since it's using some RAM without serving any purpose right now.
written by Buuks on Mar 01, 2005 14:20
Shadowlord said:
As for seeing other felisians on surfaces, heh, that's far away, if it ever gets implemented (And it'd be pretty hard to come up with a decent felisian model that compares to the sketches of felisians that we've seen, etc).
Isn't this against the philosophy of Noctis. The feeling of loneliness is the main aspect of this space simulator.

And Alex has agreed on enhancing the single player options of Noctis, but did he also agreed with the multi player options.
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written by Shadowlord on Mar 02, 2005 06:10
He hasn't been around recently enough for us to ask him what he thinks of the possibility of having cooperative exploration (which is what multiplayer would essentially be).

I'm pondering if felysian planets are too regular now. Perhaps they need a couple modifiers which can push them more towards specific terrain types, so there are again planets that're mostly icy/snowy, planets that're mostly desert, planets that're mostly ocean, etc, in addition to the more balanced planets that we see now. (But I've only visited about 5 or 6 felysian planets since the changes, so I might just have been lucky - If you've seen planets of primarily one terrain type in R8, please let me know)

Ideally I'd hope for Piece of Ice to be icy again, and also - Felysia was mostly desert, right? Or was it another... I've forgotten my felisian history, ack!
written by Ysereh on Mar 02, 2005 18:35
I'd enjoy having planets with more specific terrain types in addition to those more balanced ones.

I remember when I first started playing Noctis, I thought it was rad to find an almost all desert planet or a planet covered with water with a few small islands scattered throughout.

But yeah, in NICE they do seem to be a bit too regular.
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written by Masre on Mar 02, 2005 22:22
Yes, does that mean Megagun has Ex-lax in his cabinet?
written by Ysereh on Mar 02, 2005 23:25
Masre said:
Yes, does that mean Megagun has Ex-lax in his cabinet?
written by The reflection on Mar 03, 2005 01:17
I have noticed a slight problem in Noctis/NICE when you go to very high altitudes. I was trying out the jetpack, seeing how high it could go, and well...

Note the atmospheric pressure - it's negative.

On another world:

Interestingly enough, as you fall, the atmospheric pressure seems to have trouble keeping up with you.

It very rapidly rose back into the positives after this, reaching normal levels, but the pressure seems to lag behind your height.

Fortunately, I have found the section in the source code that causes the negative pressures, though not the one that causes the lag. In noctis-1.cpp, we have:
if (atmosphere) {
			pp_pressure = base_pp_pressure;
			if (landed) {
				pp_pressure += pos_y * 0.000001;
			pp_pressure *= 1 + fast_flandom () * 0.005;
			pp_pressure /= 1 + fast_flandom () * 0.005;
			pp_temp = base_pp_temp+273.15;
			pp_temp += pos_y * 0.000025;
			pp_temp *= 1 + fast_flandom () * 0.005;
			pp_temp /= 1 + fast_flandom () * 0.005;
			pp_temp-=273.15;	//change it back to celsius
			if (pp_temp < -269)
				pp_temp = -269 + 4 * fast_flandom();
May I suggest the following:
It won't solve the fact that the pressure doesn't catch up to your height immediately, but the pressures should, at least, remain above zero, and fall off in a roughly realistic way.
Since its exponential, you may now find that the pressures fall off too quickly with height. In that case, change the scale height (1000000) to something higher, like 1e+7.

I haven't tested this code, but since only one line has actually been changed (and moved around slightly), it should otherwise work.
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written by Shadowlord on Mar 03, 2005 05:11
Alas, gravity is not *always* gravity - it would be more accurate if it were named 'acceleration'.

planet_grav represents the planet's gravity.
written by The reflection on Mar 03, 2005 06:05
Then I guess you can just use planet_grav instead of "gravity".

Actually, there's a far more serious error in the line I posted - I added to the current pressure instead of multiplying. So really, it should be
pp_pressure *= exp (pos_y * planet_grav / 1000000);
Otherwise, there'll be things like thin-atmosphered planets with just slightly over 1 atmosphere of pressure...

I'm assuming that planet_grav is in terms of units/s^2, as opposed to FG. If it's really in units of FG, then I guess you can adjust the denominator in that expression by some conversion factor (say, multiply it by ten).
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Mar 03, 2005 06:27
Well, planet_grav's units are something strange, so I or Megagun will probably just fiddle with it until the results look good, heh. (Perhaps tomorrow, I'm going to try to sleep now)
written by Mr.fop on Mar 03, 2005 08:58
Hey, how about an option to make the capsule completely invisible when you are landing or hoovering above a planet?
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written by Megagun on Mar 03, 2005 14:31

Anyways, I'm going to release a "8.5" release soon, which is more or less like a BETA release, really.. Oh, It's also NOT merged with SL's latest modifications, so there aren't any new critters or such in this one.. Sorry.. Also, the source code will most likely NOT be released, since it's quite old when you compare it to the NEWEST source code made by SL... I hope you'll understand this... If you'd really need the source code, for whatever reason, you can PM me and I'll get it done... However, note again that it's outdated like hell, and not quite merged yet..


*Fixed the "neck is too weak when you're jumping/using the jetpack" bug. Now, you should be able to jump WITHOUT the automatic "look down" effect...
*Added Raw Screenshot. Use this by either hitting "delete" when in space, or "delete" or "b" when on the surface of a planet. This actually takes a screenshot WITHOUT the parsis coordinations, and the often irritating planet/star name tags..
Enlarged the forests. They are now WAY higher, and should generally look better now. Note that this is quite planet-specific: on some planets, forests may look ugly (like at Vericalya), but on some others, they might look superb (Felysia, for example).. Also note, that the probability of having a "giant" tree in forests is higher now.. Almost every forest should have a "bigger than normal" tree in it now.. This is actually a side-effect of my modifications to the size of the trees, but you don't have to know that, do you?
*Changed the colours of Thin Atmosphere planets. This is still experimental! Basically, they look more "martian" now; lighter.. way lighter.. Anyways, this is still experimental, and I'd like your opinions.. What I'm ultimately aiming for, is random "old" and "new" thin atmosphere planets, but for testing and opinion's sake, I'm not including "old" thin atmosphere planets at the moment.
*Added a hail effect. Hail should occur when it's cold and it should be raining... Hail doesn't really look that uber nice, though.. But meh.. At least it looks different from rain...
*Added Degrassifying. This is temporarily, and it's rather bugged.. Anyways. enable/disable it by pressing the "g" key.. Requested by McWgogs.. It just removes the grassy effect from felysian planets. (if they have it)

Anyways, I'd like people's comments on NICE 8.5, so I can determine if the changes should be kept or not. I'll be uploading a "update only" version soon.. Stay tuned..
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written by Yash on Mar 03, 2005 15:11
You know, in hell, all those emoticons you've used in real life will come and rape you.
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