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written by Wanderer on Jul 08, 2005 03:05
I have a feature request. Is this the place to present it?
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written by Shadowlord on Jul 08, 2005 04:28
Sure, either here or in a new thread.
written by Wanderer on Jul 08, 2005 19:38
It's more of a cosmetic change than an actual feature....but, while waiting for the windows or next DOS version of NICE, I downloaded N III. I thought it would be second rate in all ways to NICE/N IV. However, thier is one way, cosmetically, that it is superior to both; the GOES panel startup screens. I kid you not, the start up screens for both the Input and output panels are (dare I say it?) freakin' awsome in terms of appearance. IMHO, I believe they look much better than the current ones, and would love to see this cosmetic face-lift implemented in a future release.
written by Dutchy on Jul 15, 2005 10:54
Where do I report a broken link on the NICE site?
The link to Inbox32.7z and .zip points to lowercase inbox32, which should be Inbox32.* (Uppercase i)...
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written by Shadowlord on Jul 15, 2005 14:09
Whoops! Okay, that's fixed now. Thanks. (And this is a fine place to report things like that)
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 08, 2005 22:05
R9a, mostly a bugfix release, is available now. You can get it here:

Changes in R9a:
  • Improved the 'speed info' screen (press 'z' while in the drifter), and added its key to the F1 page.
  • Fixed a bug with the 'environmental info' screen which could cause weirdness with the targetting cursor and x/y/z/center indicators.
  • When in terrain mode, the landing screen says "MAYBE TAIGA" now on tundra/taiga/ice instead of saying something incorrect. (It can't actually tell how many trees are in the sector from orbit, which is how it determines what the sector is when you're actually in the sector)
  • Fixed the scoping-speed so it's faster near the star, rather than faster farther away from it. Also, scoping was actually faster at S05s than S06s! That too has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which made unlabelled systems show labelled bodies as 1 less than should have been shown (e.g. -1 labelled bodies initially, then 0 after you label one, etc, until you leave and come back).
  • Fixed the humongous temperature on roof bug, which happened when you had just started NICE. I had fixed the temperature in the env. info box earlier, but since the code was duplicated in two places, the fix only fixed env info and not the actual temp on the roof. Now it's fixed in GetOrbitingTemperature itself, which both things call.
  • Fixed a buffer underflow in digit_at.
  • Fixed some other problems which might cause crash/freezes.
  • Reverted most of the DOS version's code to 8.5 and then copied back the changes which weren't from porting it. (In order to try to kill the crash bug(s) by brute force since they were still happening and I couldn't find any more). Even after this it still crashes sometimes. :/
  • Sync-Starmap makes sure you've chosen a valid username and password now. (The updated Sync-Starmap was also released earlier on the NICE website)
written by Ataribaby on Aug 11, 2005 12:10
bug in R9a? when i start NICE first time and wanna set remote target then name of remote target stay stuck on first star what i hit and not change when i moving remote target pickup cursor browsing near stars via menu work ok
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written by Micmac on Aug 14, 2005 01:28
I am having the same problem as Ataribaby. Recenty I once ran out of fuel. After another Stardrifter gave me a boost, I headed for the first S06 star I could find. Then I upgraded to NICE R9a. The name of that last fuel star I visited has been appearing ever since. No matter what I do, I cannot see any name, other than that S06 star. If I select a star using the SET REMOTE TARGET tool, the star name remains on the screen. It even comes back when I reset the on board system. Quitting and re-opening NICE sometimes makes the name disappear, but it comes right back when I choose a star again.


I just discovered something. The star name changed when I selected a system from the GOES module. Unfortunately the star was about ten thousand light years away, and I am once again out of gas. I have such a bad habit of doing that, and I must have over eight hundred pictures of Stardrifters by now.


I just remembered something. When I had run out of gas, I selected a fuel star from the GOES module, but it was too far away. Following this I was forced to send another help request. When help finally arrived I selected a remote S06 star, and filled the tank. Then I upgraded to NICE R9a.
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written by Megagun on Aug 14, 2005 13:15
Hmm... Peculiar... I'll check it out when I get the time on the other PC....

Also, I just found out I didn't mention this here: some new additions I made to NICE (they somehow didn't manage to get into SL's R9a... Hmm.. seems like they're in windoze version only)...

First of all, the compass has been changed a bit.. Instead of it only showing NESW now, it also shows NW/NE/SW/SE now with a dot that's bigger than the other ones...
Screenie: http://home.deds.nl/~megagun/temp/compass.gif

Also, the HUD lights now brighten/darken (depending on your HUD brightness) when the following things happen:
1) (surface) you use the Jetpack (hit space)
2) (space) the GOES gets forcefully updated (by a windows-app, such as HacIRC).
However, for #2 it works a bit different.. Whereas the lights only turn on/off when you hold the space key on the surface, the lights will *stay* on/off in space, until you look at the GOES output screen (letting the light that is above it turn on)... This makes HacIRC-ing even easier! You don't have to regularly check the output screen to see if anyone said something!

I'll try and see if I can get the Remote Target stayup fixed today... Maybe I can release a R9b later today/tomorrow when I fix it, which includes the additions I mentioned above....
written by Ataribaby on Aug 16, 2005 06:03
Also i found in r9 and r9a that when i use list near targets manu it returned not local near systems but bunch of funny 90000+Ly far stars. I chacked in Noctis 4 and it works here ok
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 20, 2005 20:36
Okay, now here's R9b, which is also mostly a bugfix release:

Changes in R9b:
  • Fixed a bug in R9a in the sky() function, which could cause problems at or near star-density boundaries (and maybe elsewhere? Didn't check that, just fixed the bug). Among other things, this caused the "ACK! CAN'T FIND STAR" message to appear. When you start R9b, you'll get a scrolling message if this problem is affecting you. It'll tell you what to do (re-target and vimana back to the star you're at now, or if that doesn't work, target another star and vimana there). Any stars or planets you labelled with R9 or R9a will not be lost. More detail about the cause: In R9 all the different code which determined star coordinates were reconciled so that they all returned the same coordinates as each other. The sky() function is one of those. FSAT() is another one. FSAT() is used to find the sector coordinates of a star, and this is needed for labelling stars and planets. In R9a, noctis-0.cpp and noctis-1.cpp were split into separate DOS and windows versions, and all the ported code in the DOS version was reverted to R8.5, although I tried (and largely succeeded) to keep all the R9 features and bug fixes. However, I didn't notice or remeber that sky() had changed for R9 (other than being made windows-compatible), so the R8.5 version of sky() replaced the R9 version. Long story short, the coordinates returned by the R9a sky() didn't match the ones returned by FSAT(), which is what caused the problems. (Once I tracked down the problem, I just re-replaced sky() with the R9 version again to fix it, and added some detection and message code to explain how to recover from the error)
  • Fixed the slowdown around moons (particularly when the terrain-filter (the 'x' key) was on). The 'calculate-the-surface-of-these-planets-or-moons' variables (resident_map_1 and 2) weren't being cleared for moons after their surface was calculated. Thus their surface was recalculated every cycle. On a fast computer, this was only noticeable if the terrain filter was on.
  • Improved the speed of the surface-calculating code for the terrain filter a bit when re-calculating a previously-calculated surface. It probably won't have any effect unless you're flipping terrain mode on and off repeatedly, and even then it might not be noticeable.
  • And these are changes to the source code which were made to make the previously mentioned fixes possible:
    • Changed FSAT to return -2 if the target system is found but does not really exist due to rarity. (-1 already meant it didn't find a system, and previously -1 was returned when this happened.)
    • Changed getSectorCoords to have a return value which indicates a problem. 0 is no problem, -1 and -2 mean the same thing as when FSAT returns them (This calls FSAT, after all)

Edit: This also has a feature Mega recently added. I'll let him tell y'all about that.

Ataribaby said:
bug in R9a? when i start NICE first time and wanna set remote target then name of remote target stay stuck on first star what i hit and not change when i moving remote target pickup cursor browsing near stars via menu work ok
Let me know if this still happens in R9b?
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written by Megagun on Aug 20, 2005 20:53
SL said:
Edit: This also has a feature Mega recently added. I'll let him tell y'all about that.
Oh, how nice..

  • Added a "pain" discolorization when you fall from great heights.. Basically, this means that if you fall from really damn high, the screen will turn totally red, and gradually get back to it's original color. You can determine the (fictional) "damage" the fall did by looking at the ammount of redness you see when you fall.. It's hard to explain to you, but when you see it in action, you'll know what it does.. Also, this "pain" discolorization might be used in future versions for yet another reason. Think critters.

    Want to see how it sort of looks like? http://home.deds.nl/~megagun/temp/pain.gif

    In other news, it appears as if NICE R9b doesn't yet have the blinking hudlights when the jetpack is turned on/the GOES gets forceupdated... This will get added the next release, I promise..
written by Ataribaby on Aug 25, 2005 11:08
Hi, I tried R9b and bug with remote target stay stuck is hopefullz fixed. Thanx a lot! . Bug where set near target menu still picking stars about 9000+ Ly far instead local nearby stars is still present in R9b
written by Jimmyj on Aug 27, 2005 06:04
that red/pain picture, the stardrifter looks like a pyramid XD
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written by Megagun on Aug 27, 2005 12:09
Ataribaby said:
Hi, I tried R9b and bug with remote target stay stuck is hopefullz fixed. Thanx a lot! . Bug where set near target menu still picking stars about 9000+ Ly far instead local nearby stars is still present in R9b
Try renaming current.bin and/or surface.bin to something else (say, backupcurrent.bin and backupsurface.bin) and then restart NICE. This will cause it to place you back "at the start" with a clean and hopefully working current.bin.. That should fix your problem. Also, you might want to upload your current.bin alongside with surface.bin (if any) here, so we can take a look at it and decide what is wrong with it...
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