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written by Algebra2 on Jan 07, 2005 03:34
Post any suggestions or ideas for Avatar here, excluding anything already said or planned (3d is being worked on, and so is realtime).

I have quite a few to begin this thread:
-Scripting language for NPCs
-Scripting language for items
-Easier MS in-game map editing
-Ability to customize glyph colors (for items and maps) and item materials
-Hitpoints meter (instead of warnings)
-Food meter
-Larger field of view (current one is 5x7 which only supports range-3 weapons for players)
written by Chad on Jan 08, 2005 02:52
2D version is my choice. 3D scares me and wouldn't really make this game any better. Good old 2D is the best!

<tt>-Online List
-More Characters
-Smarter NPCs
-Real GFX(not fonts!)
-Excutable versions</tt>

And a bunch of other things I forgot since I havn't played the game in forever.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 08, 2005 03:27
There is an online list.... you can see who logged in when from the gating logs, and if anyone is online at the time you can see that from ingame.
written by Chad on Jan 08, 2005 18:51
A online list thats shown all the time. and the abillty to click on there name and bring bring up info(x,y,type,name). And so forth.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 08, 2005 20:07
I think that would be a waste of space.
written by Chad on Jan 08, 2005 23:14
Think that if you will.

But it would be closeable and such. But I doubt avatar will be back anytime soon.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Jan 09, 2005 03:59
Didn't Alex say he was going to release the next version of Avatar after NV anyway?
written by Chad on Jan 10, 2005 03:32
Sure, once NV is finished. Count your lucky stars its soon!
written by Tubularluggage on Jan 11, 2005 16:16
I think a 2d client would work the best, I dont know how hard it would be to make, but it would probably be the best to play!
written by Chad on Jan 13, 2005 00:55
I would prefer 2D over 3D for this game. 3D Just seems to be a overkill. Its not like a FPS or something. In 3D you'd have to animate attacks and spells and a whole buncha crap that would take a long time.

And 2D is better, draw a few frames, animate and you got yourself a spell...

But a 2D client would be the only thing I would like. Something to D/L and be fast. Not no refreshing every 5 seconds and such.
written by Chad on Jan 13, 2005 04:42
Here : cd/pngs/Chad/avatarclient (30 Kb)

Something of that nature... With more stuff of course. But you get the idea. Dont make me get photoshop on ya!
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jan 13, 2005 04:49
I command thee to make ARCHON ANYWHEREBB. NOW.

Edit: Goddamn post color eating bug.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 13, 2005 05:13
I happen to like 3d avatar. Chad, your little diagram thing looks too much like a boardgame, and that would just be boring.
written by Chad on Jan 13, 2005 05:16
The green blocks are just space filler. Thats where the game screen is.. Forgot to mention that. But yea... Didn't feel like puting all that in yet...
written by Cryoburner on Jan 13, 2005 05:48
I agree that a 2D client might actually be a bit preferable to a 3D one, given the tile-based nature of the gameplay. Alex started on the basics of a 3D client, although it might be problematic in terms of gameplay. For instance, you would not be able to see in all directions around you without rotating completely around, and the 'pop in' distance for seeing objects and other players would need to remain very close if the glyph-based and 3D clients were to remain equally fair for players of either one. Also, judging how many tiles away an enemy is might be hard, making it difficult to know what types of attacks are available to you, or whether the enemy is close enough to harm you.

A 2D top-down or angled view client could be fully compatible with the existing glyph-based gameplay, and would work better with tile-based maps. Characters could smoothly walk or fly from one tile to the next as animated sprites, and be followed with a smoothly scrolling screen. It would certainly take much less time to create animated sprites for every player action than to create and animate 3D models of the same thing. The same goes for the numerous items and environment graphics that would be required. Some types of games just look and play better in 2D.

You know... A 2D Avatar client might be a worthwhile Lino group project to look into starting. The gameplay engine itself is already available, complete with premade game content. The positions and states of everything onscreen is transmitted as an HTML page, so all it would take would be placing the necessary visuals where they belong onscreen.

Edit: By the way, as for Alex creating 3D games with Lino, I would rather see the time put into games better suited to a 3D environment, like the HSP Flight Sim, Crystal Pixels 2, or Dust 2. : )
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