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written by Thrakhath on Mar 25, 2005 15:38
Thrak's scrappy fan-art attempt
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Hail followers of the cosmic cats!

I'm no artist and I lack in ambition to be one, but here I present one of my Noctis Interpretation. More precisely said, a theme crossover at Deviant Art. Two Felysians discovered on their landing place an alien - Kilrathi!

Kilrathi are a vile feline species of an old space shooter game namely Wing Commander (including novels) which were slightly design-inspired by the Kzinti concept (Niven's Ringworld).
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written by Masre on Mar 25, 2005 16:52
Ah haha! The concept's not bad, but the fels look sorta like lions don'tcha think?

I like the idea tho. Me? I have nightmare of the same theme, but only its of a hopper or charger hijacking my pod.
written by Thrakhath on Mar 25, 2005 17:16
Thanks for the positive resonance.

Yes the Felysians look similar to a tiny version of mountain lions. But hey, I never developed a technique to draw. It's most time pause-entertainment in the everyday life (karo-blocks-strifes included).

I would not call the "intention" of this picture nightmarish - more a bit melancholic-romantic. But yes, I ever had also an eery feeling in Noctis IV, that I'm not alone (beside the other stardrifters)...

PS: the poll was my fault. I'm a bit clumsy on this webpage. *lol*
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