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written by Raptorjedi on Apr 26, 2005 18:21
I think that will make Avatar a lot more playable, at the moment you can only communicate with people in your range, which makes it hard to talk to people. It could still have a local chat as well. It could work like a MUSH does, just have a say command for local chat and a global command for talking across the whole world. Like Global "Hey everyone" or Say "Hello" or something. I think it would make the game a little more player friendly.

yes, this is intentionally trying to start a conversation in this part of the forums
written by Buuks on Apr 26, 2005 21:36
wow, a new thread so low in the sections

I didn't played Avatar for a long time. I should restart it, cause it is still nice.

The chat you are talking about can be cool. Heck, we can ask other people for help now, when an enemy is to strong.

Isn't it an idea to promote Avatar about around the internet?
written by Stellanaut on Apr 26, 2005 23:09
I've heard that that would just cause massive community pollution by n00bs.
written by Cryoburner on Apr 27, 2005 03:16
Perhaps only allow talking at a distance to one specific person at a time. It could be explained by a psychic ability the animals have. That way, you wouldn't have conversations disrupting others' gameplay.

Another thing that would be useful, is if the range to hear local conversations was extended to possibly double the current distance. Currently, if you're talking with someone, and they travel one space off screen, they can no longer hear you. With AI players that works alright, but can sometimes make travel with real players cumbersome. Off-screen messages could appear something like this, indicating the direction from which the voice came...
Cryoburner(from the Northeast): Let's go this way!
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